Bertie crossed to the top run

Mummy hasn’t come home!

Bertie here, in our house in Norfolk.

Mummy went out in the car as the storm ended yesterday, and she hasn’t come home!

She gave us lots of food and hay and stuff before she left. Roscoe says she had it all planned, wasn’t I listening? But I don’t remember her saying anything about staying out all night.

Roscoe says that Auntie Claire will come in on Tuesday with more food and we’ve got to be extra nice to her. She’s not been feeling well, but she’s still coming to look after us. That’s very nice of her.

But I thought we were going to go to Hampshire and have banging on the roof.

Roscoe sighs. ‘But the people are doing the floor as well and there will be machines and scraping and whining and probably dust and smells as well. Oh, and wood breaking noises.’

How does he know all this?

‘I pay attention to what Mam says,’ he says.

Well, I do too. I didn’t hear her say all this. If she told Roscoe during morning cuddles, then maybe that’s why. I was so busy having my grease gland cleaned and dried that I didn’t have time to listen to what Mummy was saying.

Well, as long as she’s safe in Hampshire. We’re safe here. And Auntie Claire is coming with more food.

We’ll be fine.


Bertie xxx

Bertie and Roscoe in Hampshire

Sleepy Time!

It’s sleepy time now, after our exhausting trip through the alphabet.

We’ve all been right tired after coming back from Hampshire.  Mam was tired too.  She said the drive was very long, with lots of long stops for accidents and things.  We just went to sleep in our boxes, but it was a long way, and we wobbled around in our boxes on some of the roads.  Still, at least we were with our Mam. I don’t mind travelling as long as Mam’s with us.

See you next week, when it’ll be October already!

Roscoe xx


Neville and Bertie

Greetings from Hampshire

Way-aye, Roscoe here again, calling from the wilds of Hampshire. That’s a place in England that’s miles away from home in Norfolk.

It was a very long journey to get here, and it felt like Mummy was driving in circles at one point, but she straightened up, and we arrived at the cottage in the afternoon when it was still light.

Bertie is in the blue cage on the shelf above us. Biggles is in the box the cage came in, and he’s beside us. We’re in a run in a nice alcove, with our travel box to walk into if we want to be extra cosy. And we’ve all got our tunnels and beds.

There’s also a run connected to ours, so everyone has some floor time. Mummy keeps going out but when she gets back she lets me and Nev out into the run some more.

The food is good, the room is nice, and Mummy seems like she’s enjoying herself.

It’s too cold and wet to go outside and try the grass but there are sheep and birds on it.  Mummy says if we come back in spring or summer we can try it out then.

Sounds good to me.  Here are some photos.


Bertie curled up on his hay

Mummy says funny things sometimes

Hello!  Bertie here again.

Mummy says funny things sometimes.  I don’t really understand what she means.  Yesterday she told me at cuddle time we were going to be going on a long journey.  Longer even than going to the vet.  We’d be in our boxes for a long time, although she hoped we’d be able to come out for a break somewhere along the road.

What’s a road?

Anyway, she said not to worry about it, she explain more when the time came.  But we’re going to be in the holiday cages for a week.  I’ll be in one, Roscoe and Neville in another, and Biggles in his box opening out into a run.  That means Biggles is going in the box which used to be Colman and Kevin’s, the one with the sort of panel in the front.

So it sounds like , whatever it is, Mummy’s got it all planned.  And she’s coming with us, so we’ll be fine.  And we’re coming back again.  So we can sleep easy.

But we might not blog next Monday, it depends on Mummy’s ipad.

So.  There you have it.  Does it make sense to you?  It all sounds very funny to me.

We’ll report back when we can.

Isle of Mull

I couldn’t think of any of our friends and acquaintances with names beginning with I, so I asked Mummy and she said to post something else beginning with I.  But not I as in me, although that is a fascinating subject that I’m sure you’d like more of.

There are pictures of Fred, George, Victor and Hugo on the Isle of Mull hanging on the wall opposite my cage.  Like this one.


It looks very nice there, even if the grass is a bit short.  You can read more about their trip to Mull under the “Tales from the Hutch” menu in the bar below the pictures of piggies in the garden (or whatever our header picture is today).

Victor used to tell us about the Isle of Mull.  It’s a very long way away and it took them two days to get there.  They were in their boxes in the spare cage with a bag of hay between them to keep the boxes secure. On some trips they could come out and run around on the grass in a run like the one in the picture.

Picnic on the way to Scotland
Picnic on the way to Scotland

One time it was cold and raining when they stopped and Mummy just opened the boxes for some fresh air, and quiet and peace from the moving of the car.  They stayed with Mummy’s cousin half way, and would get to the seaside early afternoon.  Then it got very noisy indeed, and all dark, and then they were taken in their boxes out of the car and up some stairs,  They were on a ferry from the mainland to the Isle of Mull.  It sounds very romantic.  And then they had to go back down to the car, and because they’d been in their boxes for a very long time, Mummy used to stop at this place (the one in the top picture) for them to have a rest before the last hour of the journey, across the island on very bumpy roads.

Fred on holiday

And when they got there they stayed in a little cottage in the travel cages, and ate yummy grass every afternoon, although Mummy always sat with them so the eagles and ravens didn’t come and eat them!

I think I’d like to go to the Isle of Mull.  Mummy says we’ll go again when there’s only four of us again.