Nothing happened

Nothing much happened this week.

We’re still in the Living Room.  Mummy watches the picture box in the corner or reads or does drawings.  We get cuddled in the morning and sometimes other times.  We run on the floor.

Oscar’s been exceedingly grumpy this week.  Midge wasn’t much better.  Mummy saw the colour of Kevin’s backside and decreed we all needed our grease glands cleaned, so she did them.

I quite like having my grease gland cleaned.  Mummy sat us next to the sink in the kitchen and put the gunk on the spot, and massaged it.  It felt good.  Except she asked me what on earth I’d been doing to get that much grease on my bottom.  I don’t know, Mummy, it just happens.  Then when she’d finished the massage she made me sit on her other arm from the usual one, and she ran warm water down my backside to rinse it off.  That felt funny, but nice.  Then we went and sat in the living room while she dried my bottom off.  The horses were racing over jumps while we did that (on the picture box).

Then I went back in my cage and it was Oscar’s turn.

So that was all the exciting stuff last week.

Except for the bangs, whooshes and bright lights that happened outside on Saturday.  It happened just before Mummy went out, so she left the light on for us and also the picture box, which played music and coloured lights and had little people whizzing around.  It went off before Mummy came home, though.  She watched a shorter version of it on Sunday.  I think she calls it Strictly.  It looks fun, maybe I should have a go.

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