I hate November

I do, I hate November.  It starts with all the horrid noises.  In fact those started even before November started.  Mummy says it’s fireworks, and every year we get them virtually every night from the last weekend of October through to about ten days into November.  I hate them.  They go bang, and make flashes, and sometimes they make other horrible screaming noises.

If Mummy’s here she sits with us and tells us it’s all right, and sometimes plays music to us.  She leaves the television on for the downstairs boys, or the radio (I’m not sure of the difference, except one is in the kitchen and the other in the living room.)  But sometimes she’s out and we have to put up with it all on our own.  I hide in my snuggle tunnel, but if they are at the front of the house I still hear them.  The good thing is that the ones at the front of the house (which are closest) only happen on one night.  The ones at the side (nearest our cages), happen lots of times and they vary how loud they are.  I wish they’d just stop doing them.

The other thing I hate about November are all the changes that seem to happen.  I don’t mean with the builders coming and Percy and Oscar having to move like Percy told you.  I mean it’s the month that seems to have the most comings and goings in our house.  I know I wasn’t here when Hugo and Victor arrived from Vikki’s one snowy Sunday in November 2008, or when Humphrey and Hector came all the way from the rescue at Sophie’s in 2010.  But that’s what happens in November – Mummy finds she has to make a good home for someone who’s desperate.  We came in April, Colman and I, and I suppose Oscar and Midge came in October, so it doesn’t always happen – but look at what happened last year; Percy arrived!

Then again Fred went over the Rainbow Bridge in November 2011, so Mummy’s always a little sad mid-month.  But it was Dylan and Dougall’s birthday towards the end of the month, even though they didn’t arrive until three weeks later.

So now you know about all the calendar boars in the little picture show in the top right corner.

I don’t know what it is about November.  But I don’t like it.  I’ll be glad when the spring comes.

2 thoughts on “I hate November

  1. Despite all the uproar, Kevin, you and your mates look to be healthy and well-tended. My buddy Angel also hates loud noises We bought her a comfort coat for thunder storms which calms her right down.

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    I don’t like it much either, Kev. It gets darker and darker and colder and colder. Uncle and I visited Mummy in November, and I enjoyed seeing all the pretty foliage. Other than that, though, November can … as this is a family-friendly site, I’ll refrain from saying what November should do.

    I wish I could hide in a snuggle sac until April.

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