My Favourite Bedding

Last week Carol asked if I preferred fleece to paper pellets as bedding.  I haven’t really used paper pellets as bedding, although Mummy has something like it in my litter tray, and I must say it’s very comfortable and dry to lie on, even if I sit under the water tap and drain it, or wee when I’m sleeping.

I asked the others, and Oscar said they had the pellets (they’re called megazorb) when he was with Midge when they were little.  It’s perfectly comfortable, especially when you’ve trodden it down a little as it’s quite fluffy to start with.  Kevin said the same thing.  On the whole we all prefer fleece as long as it’s got a thick layer of paper or a puppy pad underneath the wee spots.  If it gets wet and it doesn’t have enough paper underneath, it can stay a bit too damp for comfort.  Then again most of us find a bit of hay spread over a damp patch fixes the problem immediately.

Mummy cleans our cages every day and changes the fleece and paper (or pads) weekly.  I hope that answers your question, Carol.

The only other bedding I’ve had is wood shavings with hay over them.  I must admit, wood shavings aren’t at all nice.  But as long as the hay keeps you off them, you can be comfortable.  I love lying on a pile of hay.

This week the builders came and made loud noises in our room.  We are still in the Living Room, as Mummy calls it.  She spends time there every day, so we get to talk to her even more than usual, which is nice.  The builders left on Friday and it was nice and peaceful at the weekend, but Mummy says they’re coming back today.  They shouldn’t need to be so noisy, though.

This is our run while the builders are here.  There’s a layer of something crackly underneath the blanket.  Mummy says its a plastic tablecloth which she saved from last summer’s fete.  She cleaned the poops out after this photo was taken.  That’s me and Oscar.  I don’t know why Oscar couldn’t leave me in my hay box and go to the other one.  He’s very bossy at the moment.

We should be back to normal next week.  I hope so, anyway.

One thought on “My Favourite Bedding

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I really liked Carefresh (paper-pellet bedding available in US), but it got too expensive, so we switched to fleece. I don’t think the fleece does as good a job of absorption, as evidenced by Atticus’ butt (white pigs … sigh), but it’ll have to do.

    Wood chips are cheaper, but they get everywhere and are probably not as comfy for the pigs.

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