Oh dear :O

Mummy took me, Dougall and Kevin to the vet last week for a checkup.  She said we didn’t seem very happy at the moment.  Well, she was quite right, I haven’t felt really happy since Victor died, although Colman’s birthday party was fun.  We came out of mourning for Colman on Friday, in case you haven’t noticed.  Seven weeks already.  It doesn’t seem very long.  Although we’ve been missing him for ages.  Isn’t time funny?


So, we went to see Dr Sally for a ‘senior check-up’.  Senior?  Oh, I suppose so – it’s our fourth birthday at the end of next week.  Dr Sally checked us over and found we had each had lice!  Not a huge amount, just around our bottoms.  That’s a surprise really, because we had a bath a week or two ago, and we do our best to groom our coats properly.  Dr Sally wondered if Kevin had mobility problems these days and wasn’t getting right round to his backside enough.  Mummy said she’d watch him.  We all had ivermectin Spot-On on Saturday, Midge and Oscar included, when we also had super-cleaned cages, and Mummy had rewashed last weeks fleece on a higher temperature and with some disinfectant.  This week’s fleeces get the same treatment.  We get another ivermectin treatment next Saturday to make sure the lice eggs got done as well.  And if Mummy’s feeling really keen, we might even get a third dose later.

Dr Sally also checked my eyes, teeth and wee, since I was kind enough to give her a sample.  Kevin did too, and she said that might have been why he was looking so grumpy at her.  I have a funny tooth.  Mummy knew I had funny teeth, they’ve been on a slant for a few weeks, but one of my incisors has a funny patch.  Dr Sally said it would grow out and Mummy is going to monitor it. I hope monitoring it doesn’t hurt.  My eyes show normal age deterioration, too.  Mummy says she knows how that feels, but I’m not sure what she meant.

Anyway, we’re having some Biolapis for a few days “to boost our immune systems”, but I reckon it’s just to make us feel good. It certainly tastes nice.  Kev’s getting some metacam to see whether he’s got anything that’s actually hurting.  Not sure how that works, but Dr Sally knows best. He’s acting much better, so maybe she’s right.

And apparently it’s okay for me to have Vicks on my nose to help my breathing problem.  It may be okay for her, but what about me? It smells AWFUL.  But it does seem to help my breathing.

4 thoughts on “Oh dear :O

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Monitoring won’t hurt; don’t worry.

    I can’t believe you’re considered seniors already. In my mind, you’re still the young rascals Mummy brought home (well, YOU are the rascal; your brother is the sweet young gentleman), and about whom my Willoughby was so excited. He was thrilled to be an Uncle.

    My eyesight is deteriorating as well. Soon I’ll need what humans call “reading glasses.” Getting older. Who needs it? Pffft.

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  2. I’m glad your mommy takes such good care for you. I know doctors can be a pain – the one I see is nice but she sure does like to stick me with sharp things. I’m a senior, too, so extra visits to the vet seem to be the norm. Mom says it is tough getting old (and she says she should know!)!!


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