Oh dear :O

Mummy took me, Dougall and Kevin to the vet last week for a checkup.  She said we didn’t seem very happy at the moment.  Well, she was quite right, I haven’t felt really happy since Victor died, although Colman’s birthday party was fun.  We came out of mourning for Colman on Friday, in case you haven’t noticed.  Seven weeks already.  It doesn’t seem very long.  Although we’ve been missing him for ages.  Isn’t time funny?


So, we went to see Dr Sally for a ‘senior check-up’.  Senior?  Oh, I suppose so – it’s our fourth birthday at the end of next week.   Continue reading “Oh dear :O”

Dylan forgot to post

I know Dylan lives downstairs, where all the food comes from, and I live upstairs, next to the blogging gizmos, but that’s no excuse for him to forget his weekly post, is it?  Although even I haven’t been up here much because we had a nice weekend in the garden, and yesterday was nice too. Continue reading “Dylan forgot to post”