Midge is not such a bad chap

I’ve discovered Midge isn’t such a bad chap.  Okay, he farts a lot and makes funny gurgling noises, but as neighbours go, he’s not too bad.  He doesn’t stand at the bars between us, gnawing them incessantly, for example.  I’ve known pigs that did that and it really does make for a bad neighbourhood feeling.


A lot of the time I can retire to my loftspace and chill up there.  He tends to sit underneath me in his run, so I can get the fruity smells when they’re still ripe.  I don’t think Mummy realises how bad they are close up, or maybe she does, as she tends to comment on his boarly smells when she picks him up, and if humans can smell it, well….  I come back down more than I did, and sometimes chat to him through the grid that separates our runs.  I even sat next to him for a while last night.


I’m getting over Colman not being there.  Mummy was right, it’s hard at first, but he’ll never really leave us; he’s always there in our hearts.  We chat about him sometimes.  Remember the good times.  It doesn’t seem long since he went, though.  It’s just over six weeks now, and we come out of mourning on Friday.  Funny how some pigs take longer to leave than others.

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