Bath and a haircut

Mummy’s been threatening Dougall and me with a bath and haircut for ages.

Saturday it happened.

It’s not so bad, really.  I mean, I know I spend most of my time wondering whether I can jump out at the end where the little sea snake is.    But really, getting all wet, then getting wrapped up and dried with a towel and cuddled on Mummy’s lap while being rubbed with a towel, and then being blown with warm air is all very enjoyable.

We usually watch something on the picture box in the corner as well.  Saturday there were some tiny people in black running into tiny people in gold, all on a nice green square surrounded by a blue line.  And there was lots of cheering going on.  I don’t know whether it was some sort of dancing.  Mummy says there’s dancing on the box on Saturdays.  I thought you had to have music for dancing?

Anyway, we had our bath, and a haircut, and Mummy tidied up our hair yesterday morning to catch the bits she’d missed.  Look…


I look beautiful now.  I was looking a bit shaggy.  But now my coat is lovely and light and glossy and I smell even nicer than usual.  Mummy used Posh n Go.  We’re very posh.  Now I’ll go.


Ooooh – look!  I’m the Calendar Boar for November. Yippee!  That’s because it’s our birthday on the 27th.  We’ll be four years old.

3 thoughts on “Bath and a haircut

  1. Auntie Dawn

    You look great, boys.

    I still have some Posh ‘n Go. We got it for Uncle Saku, who you may recall was a sheltie. It’s fine for short-haired pigs as well.


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