What shall I say today?

It’s hard work this blogging business.  Sometimes I have nothing to say at all.  Mummy gets tips on what to do to keep your blog interesting.  Let me see….  make some lists – your Top Ten somethings.


OK  – My Top Ten Ways of not getting bored

  1. Eat grass.  I never get bored with grass
  2. Eat hay.  Can be boring, but not often
  3. Sleep.  Never boring
  4. Eat more grass.  You can never tire of grass.  Although Mummy tried very hard to give us too much grass the other day after she’d been to the Community Garden, as you can see in Kev’s photo.
  5. Tease Dougall.  I don’t tease Dougall a lot cos he’s my brother and a nice chap.  But c’mon, everybody’s allowed to tease their brother sometime…
  6. Try thinking up ten ways of not getting bored
  7. Counting the minutes till cucumber time
  8. Persuade Mummy to give you another cuddle time.  Preferably not one involving a bath first.
  9. Craft sculptures out of hard carrot sticks.  Saku was the master of this.  Not so much a boredom breaker as art therapy
  10. Hang out of the side of the cage watching Mummy.  She does lots of strange things and you have to guess what she’s doing.

There you go – I found ten.  That wasn’t so difficult.samp34f42b9e5c411154

And Mummy found something… a lot of people making lists today, so she added me to it!   Click the picture to go and see other lists!

Kevin’s still looking for someone to interview for next week.  If it can be you, leave a comment below.

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