Mummy took our fleece away

She did it last weekend and didn’t put it back today when she cleaned out our cages and changed Oscar’s fleece.  She put a thick layer of megazorb down instead.  I have to admit we had megazorb when we were very young, and it’s very good at keeping the place dry.  Our fleece got awfully wet, especially just by our hammock, where Dougall and I spend most of our time.


In the picture there’s the tent where our hammock usually is.  Mummy’s taken it out for washing.

We started out with the last bit of megazorb from the old sack, as we’ve had it in our corner trays all the time.  Then when she put some from the new sack in, it was softer and crumblier.  It smelled funny too, for a start.  Mummy says the smells easing off now the sack’s been open a week, but I still smell it.  It’s okay.  Better than some smells you might get when the cage is ready for cleaning.

I suppose it’s okay.  Fleece was softer, though.  We get more hay though, so we can spread it around a bit.  I suppose life has its compensations.

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