Dylan forgot to post

I know Dylan lives downstairs, where all the food comes from, and I live upstairs, next to the blogging gizmos, but that’s no excuse for him to forget his weekly post, is it?  Although even I haven’t been up here much because we had a nice weekend in the garden, and yesterday was nice too.

We spent all afternoon outside yesterday, and Mummy even moved her chair so that Colman had enough shade on his run.  It’s not as warm as it was a couple of weeks back, and sometimes Colman needs to have sun to laze in to keep warm when he’s outside.  Other times he needs a nice shady run so he doesn’t get too hot.  It’s the same for all of us, but Colman’s old, and he’s lost weight, and he doesn’t like much in the way of temperature change.  He’s seven years old, although it’s another month till his official birthday.  I’ll be five then.  Mummy says it’s hard to remember that I’m getting old when Colman’s around setting us all an example.  Mummy’s right, as usual.  I’m just a youngster, really.

Here are some of our garden pictures.  If you follow our facebook page, you’ll have seen them already.

2 thoughts on “Dylan forgot to post

  1. Auntie Dawn

    It’s still hot here. We’ve set a record for most days hitting 80F degrees (26.7C) or above this summer. We’ve been over 90F (32.2C) for several days in a row, and the humidity makes it hard to breathe. If I had a garden, I don’t think I’d put my boys out. They’re happy in the air-conditioned room. Summer in NYC….

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