All quiet here

It’s all quiet here at the Famous Five’s hang-out.  I don’t know why because Humphrey was very quiet.  I suppose Dougall and I are feeling a bit down and there’s a big empty cage next to us.  It’s a bit scary to tell the truth.

Mummy says we’re in mourning for seven weeks as usual, and that takes us to 19th November.  That’s a long way away.  It’s the day after Fred’s anniversary and it’s only a week before our birthday :O

Mummy let me wander into Humphrey’s grassy hutch this morning – she put it in my cage before Dougall came back.  I don’t know how she knew I wanted to smell it, but she did.  I cried a little after I nosed Humphrey’s body, because he wasn’t there any more.  Mummy was surprised I cried.  I don’t think she was sure that was what I was doing, but she knew it wasn’t a noise I usually make.  I don’t know what happens to his grassy hutch now.  I wouldn’t want to live in it.  It smells a little of Victor too.  Humphrey must have liked that, Victor keeping him company when he wasn’t well.  I’m sad he’s gone.

Mummy asked this morning if we would like two new friends living next door.  She asked me to be an uncle to them and teach them the right way to do things.  She also told me not to try jumping on them and bossing them about.  Hmmm. Well, maybe.  We’ll see.

Two more piggies would mean we’re the Magnificent Seven again.  I thought Mummy wanted to get back to four, so we could go travelling together?


3 thoughts on “All quiet here

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Oh, Dyl. My heart broke when Mummy told me. You give Mummy lots of extra cuddles, ok?

    Being an uncle is a huge responsibility. You’ve had the best role model ever, Uncle Victor, so I think you’ll do well. Do what Mummy says and don’t be too pushy.

    I can’t wait to see the newbies!


  2. stanleyandkatrina

    😦 So sorry for your loss – for all of you. Sending many virtual hugs your way. Take care of Mummy, okay, Dylan, and you’ll be a great Uncle.


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