Midge creates mayhem

Dylan here, reporting on the newbies.

We’ve been getting along fine really.  Midge keeps trying to tell me that he’s bigger and better than me, and biting the bars and trying to stand up taller than me.  I just lie in my hammock and let him.  Young upstart.  I seem to remember I did that for a while.  I’ve been enjoying watching him and Oscar, though, especially when it’s floor time and I watch them patiently from the other side of the run panels.

Today Mummy said we could see if we got along ok, and she let them out for a bit.  I enjoyed that, chasing them slowly, nothing scary, sniffing their bottoms and generally getting to know them.  Midge seemed to need a bit firmer handling so I told him, a few times, to stop fussing and behave.  Then he got argumentative, so I told him what’s what, and Mummy got them back in their run since Midge started teeth chattering, and of course I wasn’t going to let him push me about!

Anyway, Mummy carried on sorting everyone out, like she does on a Saturday morning.  There was a big kerfuffle in their cage and Oscar came flying out onto the floor!  Well, of course I went to rescue the little tyke, and see that he was ok, and try to be a nice uncle to him.

Mummy came back and saw what was what and thanked me for looking after him and put him back in his cage after checking him over.  She took Midge out as well, and gave him some stuff at the medical centre, which he yelled about.  I tried singing a little song to calm everybody down, but Mummy interrupted and asked me to come in, so I did, but Midge started up in his cage again and Mummy put some panels up to keep them apart.  What a racket he made.  I sat in my hammock and he kept biting and pulling at the bars to try to get to me.  Cheeky monkey!

Then Mummjy put some white card stuff between us, which spoiled my view and I got irritated, so she took it away again, but later she put it back as Midge was really attacking those bars and I think she thought he’d hurt his teeth.  I haven’t seen anything of Oscar since, but I’m sure he’s ok, just a bit upset.  I’m not surprised.  It’s hardly brotherly love, is it?

I wonder what they’ll do next?

I wonder what Mummy will do next, too!


2 thoughts on “Midge creates mayhem

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Boars will be boars, I suppose. It sounds like Midge is shaping up to be a bit like you, eh, Dyl? I remember when you were a youngster.

    You’re a good uncle. Just remember the lessons Uncle Victor taught you, and always be gentle with the kids, even if they act up. I’m proud of you, sweetie.



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