My book’s out

Mummy’s been writing it for me, but it’s all my own words.  Apart from the bits someone else put in when something was happening elsewhere in our world.

It’s called Bravo Victor and it tells of how I go off to the Rhinelands with Sundance and Amelia to help Sundance solve his case (he’s a secret agent) and to look for George, who’s gone missing.  It’s very exciting.  I bump into someone else you know very well, and I can’t work out which side of the time tunnel he is and whether I know him or not.    Can you guess who??

I like having these stories so we can talk about Fred and George and Hugo and Mariusz and Saku.  It’s almost like they are still here.  I like that.

Mummy says all the details of it will be on the Princelings website as soon as it’s out.  She’ll add it here when she can.  She put a short extract from it on her blog last week.  Click here to read it 🙂

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