I don’t know anyone whose name begins with Z.  Mummy tried to find someone and she noticed Auntie Tanis used to have a Zingy, and someone she didn’t know had a Zak.  Mummy has someone in her books called Dr Zelli, and I asked her if I could talk about him.  She said “Of course, but you know he’s one of my friends, don’t you?”  I didn’t know that.  I didn’t know Mummy put her friends in our books, I thought it was only guinea pigs.

Dr. Zelli is very clever.  He is in one of the short stories Mummy wrote for the 2013 A to Z, also for Z, called Zephyrs.  In that, Fred is preparing to give a talk at his Natural Philosophy Summer School in Castle Marsh, and he misses Dr Zelli’s talk, because he’s too busy getting ready and being nervous.  Dr Zelli talks about governance.  That means different way people sort out who decides things.  Mummy says this gets quite important in the last two books, and although we’ve only met Dr Zelli in Bravo Victor, we might meet him again.  Or he might just be talked about by Fred.  She hasn’t decided yet.  As long as I’m in the last book, I don’t mind.  I was in the X post that same year, and she says that’s important for the last book too.

Anyway, that’s the end of our A to Z Challenge blog thing.  Kevin and I did 26 blog posts about our friends, well, 22 about our friends, one about quizzes, one about uncles and a couple about people that weren’t really our friends.  I’m exhausted.  I need a nice long sleep in my tent out on the grass, then a nice lot of grass to fill my tummy.  Although maybe I’ll do the grass thing first and then take a nap.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back again.


Hey, Kevin! We did it!


Jasmine, Jemima and Jersey – and Jupiter

Mostly we’ve been talking about real guinea pigs that Kevin and I know, or know about through family history or our underground network.  A lot of the time they are also characters in our Mummy’s books.  She’s Jemima Pett, and the books are the Princelings of the East series.  And, surprisingly since there are so many names beginning with J, including Jemima, there doesn’t seem to be a character with a name starting with J.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.19.04

Oh yes there is, says Mummy, there’s Jupiter of Jupiter’s bar, the famous hostelry at Castle Buckmore, who moves to Castle Marsh and becomes an important person there.

Oh.  Sorry, Mummy, I didn’t realise.  And Jupiter is based on one of Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob’s piggies.  Although he’s a he, not a she.  Jupiter is a God in Greek mythology.  Why would Jupiter be a female piggy in the stories?

Why would Nimrod be a female? asks Mummy, but she’s named after Uncle Bob and Auntie Doris’ female piggy…

Oh, this is all very complicated.

Well, Jasmine is a character who hasn’t got a guinea pig named for her… yet.  She will appear in a big role in the last book, although she’s already been mentioned in Bravo Victor because she’s King Fred and Queen Kira’s daughter!

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.13.40

And the only other J I want to mention is Jersey, because that’s where I was born.  It’s an island in the English Channel, and it’s very nice with sandy beaches and rolling hills and a castle the Princelings would like.  And I was very grateful to Auntie Kate for rescuing me and introducing me to Colman.  But now my mummy is Jemima, and that begins with a J.

Blackbird and Bertie

Blackbird was our friend.  At least, he was Victor’s friend, even though they never met, except in Mummy’s book.


Blackbird went to lots of shows and won lots of paper cards, rosettes and even a cup, because he was so laid back and his hair was so fabulous.  Our hair is good too, but Mummy doesn’t show us.  Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob showed Blackbird at Guinea Pig Shows.

I’ve never quite worked out why he’s called Blackbird, since he isn’t black, and he isn’t a bird.  Mummy says that he was named after an aeroplane.  Lots of Bob and Doris’s pigs are named after aeroplanes.  Mummy discovered that there’s a bird called a Nilgiri Blackbird in India, which is roughly the same colours as him, so she gave him the title of Rajah of Nilgiri in her books.  She did a short story about him one year for the A to Z Challenge, too.  He appears in Bravo Victor, and Mummy hasn’t said whether he’ll turn up again anywhere.  Mummy never met Blackbird, but Auntie Dawn did, and there’s a picture to prove it.

The little silvery pig with Blackbird is Glory – she’s his daughter.  She’s in the Talent Seekers.

Another pig in the Talent Seekers is Bertie, who belonged to Strigidiae.  I don’t know Strig’s real name, but Mummy met her in Scotland and she gave Hector his tartan tunnel as a present.  I know we haven’t done H for Hector yet, so I’m sorry if you’re getting confused.  Here’s Bertie admiring his book.

Strig's Bertie reads TS


My book’s out

Mummy’s been writing it for me, but it’s all my own words.  Apart from the bits someone else put in when something was happening elsewhere in our world.

It’s called Bravo Victor and it tells of how I go off to the Rhinelands with Sundance and Amelia to help Sundance solve his case (he’s a secret agent) and to look for George, who’s gone missing.  It’s very exciting.  I bump into someone else you know very well, and I can’t work out which side of the time tunnel he is and whether I know him or not.    Can you guess who?? Continue reading “My book’s out”