Why Only Me and Dougall?

It happened again!  Dougall and I had a bath today.  Mummy said we were all dirty, and also our hair needed cutting.  Well, why doesn’t anyone else get dirty or need their hair cutting?  Why only me?  (and Dougall).

We had one only a couple of months ago.  I blogged about it then.  I can’t see why we get more dirty than anyone else.

Ok, maybe Humphrey lets Mummy trim his bottom hair more often than I let her trim mine.

OK, maybe Humphrey’s hair isn’t as thick as ours.

OK, maybe it is more difficult to groom ours and keep it spotlessly clean.

I still don’t see why we should have baths more than twice as often as anyone else.

They are quite nice though, especially the ‘getting dry’ part.

2 thoughts on “Why Only Me and Dougall?

  1. Auntie Dawn

    You do look adorable, like two burritos. ❤ Mummy said you've been complaining, Dyliusz. (You're so much like your Uncle Mariusz. XOXO)


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