Happy new year everyone

We had a lovely Christmas.  Auntie Ute came and went, then Uncle James came and went and then it was all quiet again and we could go and run around the kitchen again while Mummy prepared for new year.  We got lots of gifts at Christmas and we gave Uncle James gifts too.  And Mummy of course.

Dougall and I got a new snuggletunnel.  And a lot of herbs.  Hec got a new grassy tunnel and Vic & Humphrey got new grassy hutches.  Humphrey says his is too small but Mummy’s been helping him enlarge the entrances.  I think Colman and Kevin got new grassy tunnels too.  And we all got some more herbs.  We had a nice time.

Here are some photos.  Mummy apologises they aren’t quite in focus, and she couldn’t get any good ones of C&K because the light was bad.

2 thoughts on “Happy new year everyone

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Mummy treated you very well, I see.

    Happy New Year, boys!!! Wishing you good health and happiness in 2013.

    Auntie Dawn


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