We arrived a year ago today!

No, it’s not our birthday, that was three weeks ago.  Dougall and I came to live with Victor and Mummy a year ago today.  Isn’t that amazing.  It doesn’t seem that long ago, although a HUGE amount has happened.  And Mummy says a HUGE amount of growing has gone on too.  I think she’s teasing me.

This is what we looked like a year ago.

Dylan, Victor and Dougall 17/12/11
Dylan, Victor and Dougall 17/12/11

And this is what we look like now!


Uncle Victor hasn’t shrunk, so we must have grown.  Mummy says we were 220 grams when we arrived and now each of us is over 1420 grams. Thats 1200 grams difference. 100 grams a month! Oh, Mummy says no, we’ve been around 1400 grams for months now.  Well, that’s good.  I’m just big and strong and fit and muscly. I’m on the left of the picture.

I like living here 🙂

One thought on “We arrived a year ago today!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I can’t believe it’s been a year. You 2 just get more and more adorable. Are you bigger than Uncle V now? Or does it just seem so, with all your hair??

    Big and strong and fit and muscly — just like your Uncle Willoughby. He’s very proud of you both.

    Love you!!


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