Pretty Pictures Have Gone

Mummy has been busy this morning.  We could hear her clanging about with the stepladder, then she came in and took down all the pretty pictures on the wall opposite our cage.  She’d pinned them up on a string two or three weeks ago.  They were pretty pictures of robins and snowmen and sparkly trees and lots of other things that I didn’t recognise. She said it was because Christmas is over and all the decorations have to come down by Twelfth Night, which is tonight. I got very worried because I thought she was going to take away our lovely snuggletunnel.  Mummy didn’t seem to realise I wanted to ask her about it, she thought I was just asking for more hay (which was very nice).  I called over to Uncle Vic, because he’s got a new grassy hutch and maybe that was going to be taken away too.

“No,” he said, “this is my Christmas present.  Your snuggletunnel is your Christmas present, silly boy.  It won’t go away till you make such a mess of it, it can’t be saved.”

Dougall and I are very relieved. I don’t know why Uncle Vic thinks we are going to make a mess of it, though.  We are very careful of it.  We only poo in it just before Mummy is going to clean it out.  I curled up in it yesterday – I can just do that, so I can tuck my chin in.  Mummy came past and looked in, then she went to the other end, then back again.  I don’t think she knew which end was which!  Funny Mummy!


One thought on “Pretty Pictures Have Gone

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Mummy wouldn’t take away your Christmas present, silly boy. I’m sorry the pretty pictures had to go. The period after Christmas is a sad one for many people and pigs, but I don’t mind it. We’re that much closer to spring!



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