Happy Birthday, Auntie Dawn!

The Festive Seven would like to wish Auntie Dawn a very happy birthday!  She’s been our friend from when Mummy first made contact with her and we discovered Mariusz was the double of Hugo.  I met her when she was here last year.  So did Hector and Humphrey.  It’s very strange to think that only the three of us have met her.  Blackbird’s met her too, but Blackbird doesn’t live here.  We hope she has a very lovely birthday and we hope to see her again one day.


Victor xxxx

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Auntie Dawn!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Aww, thank you so much, boys!!!

    I had a wonderful time with you, H&H, and dear departed Fred. Sitting on the sofa and snuggling was the best part of a great trip.

    I would like to visit you in April or May. I’m going to start looking at prices. Can’t wait to see you all. (Maybe Humph will let me cut his hair again.)



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