It’s December…

… and I’m not pig of the month any more.

I suppose I can only have one month to myself when there are so many pigs in George’s Guinea Pig World.  And Fred and George do look really cute in the santa hats.  We had a photo shoot yesterday and Mummy put us in the santa hats.  We looked cute too.  I think she’s hoping we might be suitable to put in the Rodents with Attitude forum photo competition.

We watched her trying to get a photo of Colman in his hat in the afternoon, since none of his ones in the morning had come out.  I think she’s got a great one of him throwing it off his head!  We had fun at the photoshoot because she put all seven of us on a fleece on the sofa in the living room, where we usually have our cuddles one at a time.   There were lots of things for us to explore and then we realised we were all there so we explored each other as well.  Mummy says the best picture hasn’t got Kevin in it, but there’s one of us all that’s quite good and she’s going to put it on here later.

Dougall and I had a bath and a haircut today.  We watched the horses racing on tv with Mummy in front of the nice warm fire afterwards.  I’m beginning to enjoy baths and haircuts.  The snuggles afterwards are so nice!


One thought on “It’s December…

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Aww, you can’t always be pig of the month, Dyl, but you’ll always be super special to your Crazy American Auntie — and to your Uncle Willoughby! He’s very proud of your development as a Ninja in Training.

    I love your Mummy’s Christmas photos: they’re always so well-composed, and of course the subjects are adorable.


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