It’s my birthday!

That should be Dougall’s and my birthday!  We are twins.  We were born on 27th November 2011, which is exactly one year ago.  We came here 3 weeks later to live with Uncle Victor and now we live together in our cage and Uncle Victor lives next door with Uncle Humphrey.

Dougall and me

I wasn’t sure what Mummy was doing first thing this morning.  She took Dougall out for his morning cuddle, but then she came and got me out.  She combed my hair (yuk!) and got Dougall and I sitting around so she could take photos of us.  Then we had our usual cuddle, but both of us on her lap at once.  That’s not easy, even though Mummy has a big lap.  I took the upper lap and Dougall spread himself over her legs.  Then we went down on the floor, and eventually Uncle Vic joined us. Mummy picked us up for another posed photo of the three of us, just like when we were young, and then she put us back down and Uncle Humphrey came to join us.

Dylan, Victor and Dougall 17/12/11
Dylan, Vic and Dougall 27/11/12

Then we had a big surprise because our first birthday cake arrived.  It was a hay cake with a candle.  It was rather nice.  Dougall said the candle was very nice too, but Mummy took it away telling him he wasn’t supposed to eat it, it wasn’t good for him. Then a really special cake arrived.  There were two of them, each with a candle on.  Dougall tried his and said it was delicious so I tried it too.  It was!  Dougall couldn’t leave it alone though.

Me and Dougall with the birthday haycake

After our run we went back into our cage and Uncle Vic joined us for yet another photocall!  I wasnt that pleased to have him back in our cage, I told him so and he was quite happy to let me be the boss.  He had a good drink of our water though.  He said how could we celebrate our birthday without having a drink?  Then Vic left and Mummy brought our special cake up into the cage for us to finish off.  It was yummy. I forgot to tell you we had a banner all around our cage saying ‘Happy Birthday’.  I tried it and it was yummy too.

Dyl, Vic and Doug

Me and Dougall and our birthday cakes

Then just when we thought it was all over, Mummy gave us a super birthday present!  A new grassy tunnel.  It’s a tunnel with grass stuck all over the outside and inside.  It’s yummy and great fun all at the same time!

Me and the grassy tunnel
Dougall and me and our birthday present

Dougall and I like having birthdays.  Now we are One.

3 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Happy birthday, boys!!! I can’t believe you’re one already. How big you’ve gotten! I remember that first picture above with Uncle Vic — you looked like two frosted chocolate crumbcakes, dwarfed by V. And now you’re big, impressive boars, and with all that hair you look bigger than V. I’ll bet you’re still as cheeky as you were then, though — especially you, Dyl.

    I can’t wait to meet you in pig/person. Did Mummy tell you that I’m thinking of visiting in the spring? There’s going to be a whole lotta smoochin’ goin’ on! (Don’t worry: I’m mostly harmless. Ask Uncles Vic, Hec, and Humph.)

    Here’s to many more years of health and happiness! Love you.



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