A Year without Fred

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year without Fred.  If it wasn’t for Dylan and Dougall, who are now huge, I would have said it was only a few months.  We still miss him a lot.  Although Mummy told me when she woke up this morning and Thought of him, and he Thought back, he wasn’t here anymore, he was beyond Saturn.  George Thought back too, so they are together.

There are loads of things about Fred written here, so I don’t need to tell you about his life.  He was our guard pig, relaying useful information from the world about us, making sure we were safe.  It didn’t stop him getting up to mischief.  He was the first pig to explore Mummy’s vegetable patches.  I still remember George hissing at him to get down from there, Mummy would be cross.  Mummy did tell him off, but she didn’t sound very cross with him.

Fred wants fennel

There are lots of pictures of him standing on the side of the run eating the vegetables as they grew, but he and George never climbed out of the run (Fred only jumped up onto the raised bed beside him).  Not like the boys these days.  Mummy can’t put us out with just one vegetable border to keep us in.  We have to have panels all round, and Dylan has to have double height ones, or a lid.  Fred would have disapproved of Dylan.  Well, I think George would have disapproved, Fred would have told him he did, but would have been amused by him.  But if Fred hadn’t gone when he did, we would never have had Dylan and Dougall come to live here.  It would have been so peaceful!

It’s not been the same without Fred.  But then it isn’t the same without George and Hugo either.  It’s different, and we move on to new and exciting things.  I think.  I don’t think Mummy’s found new or exciting things though, apart from the books.  She’s missed him far too much.  I know she blames herself but she shouldn’t.  It was just Fred’s time to go, to go and be with George again because he missed him so.  He stayed long enough to meet Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne. That was very special.  And then he commemorated George’s six month passing and had to go and join him.

We still miss him though.Fred on holiday

One thought on “A Year without Fred

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I don’t think Mummy was ever truly cross with Fred. He was too well behaved and gentleboarly for that, overall. He just had a rare moment or two of mischief — even an exceptional boar like Fred deserves a few of those!

    I was so proud of you and Fred when Mummy put you in together and you got along. I knew you would, though.

    I’m honored to have met Fred, and will always cherish my memories of him. He was a little scared at first, but once he got used to his Crazy American Auntie and Uncle, he was sweet and super-snuggly. And so polite! I remember one time in particular, when he told me in a firm but extremely gentle manner that he needed to piddle. ❤

    I think I told you this, but every night when I say goodnight to Mariusz, I tell him to take care of Freddie, Georgie, and Hugo. Not that they need looking after, but M always likes to feel like he's in charge. Sigh. I also tell him to tell FG&H that their Auntie loves them. I think they know, but a reminder never hurts.

    Fred is happy — Thinking, hanging out with his brother, and casting Looks at Mariusz and Hugo when they get up to … whatever it is that they do.

    Be especially cuddly to Mummy, ok, Sweetpea? And take some time to enjoy yourself.

    Love you, V.


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