I’m very good at lawn-mowing

We’ve been out on the grass a lot this month. It’s been very nice. We go to different places so we have grass to mow each time. It grows in between our visits.   If we are close to the house Dougall and I are usually near the wall.  Then Hector is next to us, Colman and Kevin next to him, and Uncles at the far end nearest the path.  If we are on the round grass we all sort of face into Hec’s pen in the middle.  Mummy usually sits next to us in the low chair or at her table if we do that part.

We sometimes go between the vegetable patches.  Mummy was cross with me though because I can jump over the wire walls of the run now, and go and visit our friends or just check out the other veggies.  Mummy was cross with me last time I did that and she took me away from the fennel and salsify and put a big white thing at the end of the run.  I couldn’t jump over that.  I tried to get over the double height veg patch wall but it was just too high.  Maybe next year.

Mummy said we might not go out again after today so she took some photos of us.

2 thoughts on “I’m very good at lawn-mowing

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I hope you get a few more days of grass time this year, before the weather gets too cold.

    Keep working on it, Dyl. You’ll get over those high walls, I have no doubt. (Don’t tell Mummy that I’m encouraging you.)

    Great mowing, boys!! XXOO


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