It’s been very quiet here – except for the thunderstorms

I have to apologise again.  It’s been a very boring summer.  Most days we haven’t got outside to eat grass.  Some days we’ve gone out and Mummy’s stood by us, watching the skies, then brought us in again in a hurry.  Sometimes its then poured with rain, sometimes its only been a few spots and we could have stayed out really.

At All Creatures Open DayMummy went to our lovely vets to support their Open Day.  I don’t know what they opened, but it sounded nice.  Mummy went with Auntie Vikki and they had a nice time.

This is a picture of Auntie Vikki.  They had all sorts of things to show people what guinea pigs like to have in their houses. And pictures of piggies needing homes.  And the leaflets about Mummy’s books.

I think they had a nice time because Vikki brought some pigs along and Mummy played with them.

Hector lost his teeth all except for one but they grew back inside three weeks.  I can’t tell you how it happened because Mummy doesnt know and I think it’s best if she doesnt find out.

The bottom right incisor has been breaking off regularly but this time it grew.  Its a little crooked but he’s managing fine with it now.

Humphrey and I had a bath at the end of last month and this month Kevin and Colman had one.  I think Mummy keeps threatening the Ds with a bath but they manage to miss it so far.

They said they enjoyed the bath.  Well, the cuddle bit afterwards is always good.

I don’t know what else to tell you, really.  Uncle Michael leaves us carrot tops every now and then, which we appreciate (thank you Uncle Michael).  The corn season has arrived as we are eating corn husks now, yummy.

There was a strong wind yesterday which blew the corn stalks sideways, we saw them when we were out lawnmowing today.  I don’t know whether they are gong to produce corn or not now.

Here’s me eating corn husk and just finishing it before starting on Uncle Michael’s carrot tops, anyway 🙂

One thought on “It’s been very quiet here – except for the thunderstorms

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Vic, that photo of you made me smile. You’re adorable!! I wish I were there to cover you with smooches. I definitely needed the smile, after all that’s happened with Saku. You heard about the surgery, right? Don’t worry — he’s recovering nicely.

    Auntie Vikki and Uncle Michael are very cool people. I’m happy that you boys have these wonderful, pig-friendly humans in your lives.

    Glad Hec’s teeth are growing in.

    Thanks for the update, sugarplum.



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