Mummy is watching over us

… she did it yesterday too.  She’s been sitting by our cage tapping away on her computer keyboard.  I use the computer myself, not the keyboard that you can have on your lap.  It doesn’t fit on my lap.  I fit on it but it’s a bit lumpy. 

This morning she walked round the house with the computer trying to find an internet connection.  She did that yesterday too.  Apparently the only place where the computer is connecting to the satellite is in the garden. Just inside the back door will do.  She tried it in the living room right by the window and it was ok for a bit then it gave up on her so she came here.

The day before she took me to see Dr Faye.  I have a lump on my hip.  It’s c-bayshous cyst.  It’s ok but she stuck a pin on me.  I was very brave of course.  Now I have extra medicine in the morning.  But I think it’s got smaller already.

It’s quite odd having Mummy sitting next to us all day.  Humphrey doesn’t quite know what to do.  I just settle down for a snooze as usual.  Mummy went into the garden later and came back with some things she’d dug up.  Now she’s gone out saying she’d better get some chocolate before it starts raining.  I hate to say this, but it’s raining now.  Oh, she’s just come in.  I hope she didn’t get too wet.  She’ll want her computer back now.  Bye Bye.

One thought on “Mummy is watching over us

  1. Auntie Dawn

    C-bayshous cysts are harmless, Vic. Saku had two, but now has one only; the other was removed during surgery. Did you know that your Auntie had one, too? I had to go to a doctor who specializes in human skin to get it removed — twice. It wasn’t causing me any pain but I didn’t like the way it looked. We humans don’t have gorgeous fur like yours to cover things up. I hope it doesn’t come back.

    Just another thing that you and I have in common, cutie, along with our good looks and natural modesty. Lol,

    “Now she’s gone out saying she’d better get some chocolate before it starts raining.”

    I’m trying to figure out what this means. Did she have an overwhelming craving for chocolate? Did she need chocolate to sustain her during the rain? Can she not go out during the rain to buy chocolate? Sigh. Sometimes that Mummy of yours is very perplexing. We love her anyway, though.


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