avatar_georgeGeorge.  Where would we be without him?

We wouldn’t have this blog, or a facebook page, or the upstairs run, or strawberry juice power plants, probably not even the Princelings of the East, although that really is both him and Fred.

George Forum MechanicYesterday I told you that Fred was the natural philosopher, the thinker.  Well, George was The Engineer.  He was even the Forum Mechanic on the Rodents with Attitude forum.  He took his duties very seriously, and when people asked for his advice he generally started his answers “well, I’m only a guinea pig, but…”  He was very polite and very wise.  So was Fred, but Fred didn’t really get into blogging and forums.  Not like George.  And George’s engineering genius is one of the key things (Mummy says use the word ‘cornerstones’ but I don’t know what that means) of the Princelings of the East series.

You think I’m exaggerating?  Well, look at the page on redesigns for grassy hutches.  He did that.  Have you seen the enormous run he designed, with ramps and different levels and room for lots of pigs?  He did that.  Vic and Dougall and I lived in for a bit, until Kevin and Colman needed it.  But he designed it and he and Fred enjoyed it for a whole six months before George died.

He had a lot of illness, George did.  Mainly abscesses on his neck and under his teeth.  He had very bad teeth.  That’s why Mummy went on dental course to learn how to help him.  He was so good – there are loads of pictures of him when he’s recovering from operations, still looking happy and enjoying life.  He used to just lie back and let himself be wrapped up, too.  I hate lying on my back.

Everyone says George was the best pig anyone could ever know, and you know something – I’m not even jealous.  Maybe he was.  I wish I’d met him.

Dylan! (and Dougall)

D is the best letter in the world, because it stands for DYLAN – and that’s me!  It also stands for Dougall, and that’s my brother.  I look after him, of course.  He’s always been shy and retiring.  Some people find us hard to tell apart but Dougall’s got a white bottom and I’ve got a white chin.  Other than that, we’re brown and hairy with a bit of white in the middle.  We’re not sleek, we have rosettes in our coats, sort of whirly bits where the hair changes direction.  Our dad was probably a Peruvian pig. And we’re three and one third years old.

Dylan & Dougall are three

We came to live with Mummy and Uncle Victor when we were three weeks old, and Mummy says she always knew I was going to be trouble.  All those early photos with Dougall huddling up shyly to Victor, and me round the back doing my thing or staring at the camera, saying “go on then!”.  Hee, hee.  I think they look fun.  Mummy asked me something the other day.  She said “Do you stand on the right with Dougall on your left all the time by accident, or is there some grand plan?”  It’s just the way it should be, Mummy.

Mummy’s written one short story about us called Dylan’s Yuletide Journey and you can download it FREE at smashwords.  She says we’re going to have more adventures and turn up in the last book, or possibly the last two books, and we’re very important.  Well, of course we are!  We’re the Princelings of the North.  I might blog about the place she says we come from in the letter I, because I don’t know anyone whose name begins with I.  You’ll have to come back again and see.  I hope you do!


Colman is my best mate, so I thought I’d better tell you about him.  I’m Kevin.  I run our Facebook page and Mummy said I should help Dylan out on this A to Z Thing.

Colman and I come from Jersey, which is an island between England and France.  Colman’s older than me; he’s six now, going on seven.  That’s really old, but he doesn’t look it most of the time.  Just if you get him in a bad light or if he’s feeling his arthritis a bit.

Colman in his snowman bed

We had to find a new home because our Jersey Mummy couldn’t keep us any more, and we had a long journey by sea and road to her mummy’s house, then our new Mummy took us away from her.  Colman hated that.  He was really angry at Mummy for ages.  It wasn’t until Christmas that he stopped biting her.  Then in February he had a special afternoon having his picture taken, and he won a prize for it, and he’s been in love with Mummy ever since.

Be mine1

I think Mummy must have written the story of the Talent Seekers before that, or she would never have made him the baddie.  But he’s there, and he’s a baddie, and she’s writing some more about that next month, so I’m not allowed to tell you any more.

Colman’s an agouti pig, which is the colour of his hair, really.  It’s very distinguished.  He has a funny way with his hair, which sort of meets in a peak along his back.  We live in a big run in Mummy’s office.  We like our own space, though we still share things for a short time.  Every one needs a bit of their own space sometimes, don’t you think?

Dylan’s back tomorrow.  I warn you, he’ll be insufferable, because it’s the letter D.


Atticus begins with A and he’s the first guinea pig in my A to Z Challenge this April.  I’m Dylan, and you’ll find me under the letter D when we get to it.

Atticus lives in New York City with Auntie Dawn.  I’ve met Auntie Dawn but I haven’t met Atticus, except by thought transfer.  I’m not very good at thought transfer and I don’t know if he is, either.

Dawn's little dude

This is Atticus as a bitty baby, when he first came to live with Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne and Peepers and Tweek and Willoughby.  That was after Saku died.  You’ll meet Willoughby and Saku later.  Not Peepers and Tweek, they are conures which is a type of parrot.

Atticus is a smooth-haired pale Himalayan type of guinea pig.  You’ll see what a Himi (that’s short for Himalayan) should look like when we get to L for Lupin-Buckmore.  They don’t come from Himalaya, it’s just the colour name.

He’s pretty cool, for a pale thing. He has his own meme on Facebook #Satticus . That’s short for Atticus Saturdays.  There’s always a great photo of him in his cage or on BW or Dawns’ lap doing something good and saying “hi, look at me!”.  He’s got lots of fans too.

He’s not in any of Mummy’s stories yet.  I asked her and she said he will be, but probably not till right at the end.  She said that about me, though, and I’ve got a short story all of my own, now.  Well, my brother’s in it too – and George.

In case you’re wondering, George started this blog and everything else about George’s Guinea Pig World.  I’ll tell you about the legendary George when it’s time for G.

I’m very good at lawn-mowing

We’ve been out on the grass a lot this month. It’s been very nice. We go to different places so we have grass to mow each time. It grows in between our visits.   If we are close to the house Dougall and I are usually near the wall.  Then Hector is next to us, Colman and Kevin next to him, and Uncles at the far end nearest the path.  If we are on the round grass we all sort of face into Hec’s pen in the middle.  Mummy usually sits next to us in the low chair or at her table if we do that part. Continue reading “I’m very good at lawn-mowing”

Jubilee Party in the Park

The Magnificent Seven had a party in the park today!  It was great!  Mummy went out early and made a lovely arena for us, with flags flying all around and pretty things flapping in the breeze.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and we had some lovely mini-cakes to eat.  It was all to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of our Glorious Queen Elizabeth II.  (Victor said to put that in). Continue reading “Jubilee Party in the Park”