Vic’s moved next door!

Uncle Victor has moved out and gone to live with Humphrey next door!  The two of them went for a bath together the other day and we went out in the garden on the grass.  Then later they came out and had a run on their own in the sunshine.  They smelled nice – we could smell them from the other side of the garden!  Then when Mummy put us back, we went in our cage and Vic went into Humphrey’s.

Hector isn’t there now.  I suppose he moved out to make way for Vic.  I sort of miss chatting to him through the bars but he was getting very angry with me. We started to have a lot of very cross talk when we were in the run together.  I thought we were still having fun, and a bit of boys’ rough-and-tumble.  But then he’d turn on me and bite me.  I hurt my foot twisting away from him although Mummy noticed and bathed it (that stung – ouch!) and put some cream on it (which was very nice).  She also noticed that he’d caught my neck with his teeth, although that was all right really, he’d mainly got fur.  He’d also caught some fur on Vic’s neck when he jumped on him too.  Vic is very tolerant.

I don’t know where Hector lives now although I’m sure he’s not far away because I can hear and smell him.  There’s something new opposite our cage on the sofa but I’m not sure what it is.  Mummy has to put things she usually puts on the sofa in other places and she keeps losing them.  Some things she puts on our cage top.

Dougall and I have much more space in our cage now Vic’s not here.  We can sit in our grassy hutch too.  We take it in turns.  One sits on the hammock and the other in the grassy hutch.  Vic has been trying out the grassy hutches next door.  He took his own with him.  He’s been trying out Humphrey’s though, which Humphrey wasn’t happy about.  I think they are settling down now though.  Well, Humphrey is settling down.  Vic just settled down straight away.  He says he used to live in this cage (Humphrey’s) and only moved out to live with Fred.  That was a long time ago.  Vic has lived with five pigs in the last year: Hugo, Fred, Me and Dougall and now Humphrey.  He is very versatile and adaptable.  I like to jump on him when we’re in the run though.  I kind of miss snuggling up to him.  He used to tell us stories.  Well, he still can, but over the cage wall instead.

I think we’ll be all right without him.  Mostly.

One thought on “Vic’s moved next door!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Uncle Vic is a very special pig, and you’ll probably miss living with him. Thanks to the excellent job he did of raising you and your brother, the two of you are ready to live on your own now. You can still chat with Uncle V over the wall.

    Humph is just the pig to be his roommate: easy-going, calm, quiet, self-contained. He and Uncle V remind me very much of your Uncle Saku, who is a sheltie like Humph. I wonder if all shelties are like that.

    I’m sure your tootsies will be ok, Dyl, but watch the rough-and-tumble stuff!! These things get out of hand very quickly.

    Be well, Sweetie. XOXO


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