Dylan’s a scamp

Dylan’s a naughty boy.  He hasn’t blogged for ages and he didnt tell me.  In fact he told me he’d been saying something most days.  Well, he’s been on our Facebook page but not here, where the real work is done.  Sigh, kids today…

He’s also been quite naughty when we’ve been out in the run together with Hector and Humphrey.  Now I know Hector’s not the easiest of chaps to get on with, but Dylan just antagonises him.  If I wasn’t a kind person I’d say Dylan is almost bullying people, since he chases all of us.  Except Dougall, mostly.  And I don;t get chased because most of the time I ignore him and let him jump on me and let him think he’s in charge.  But it doesn’t work with Hector.  Hec got fed up with that treatment and although he was patient at first, he’s turned round on him and had a mock fight more than once.  Yesterday on the grass it looked like it was getting nasty so I had to go in between them and tell them to stop.  Hec didnt like that and neither did Dylan, although he went off all nonchalent and sat in front of the barrier between us and Colman and Kevin.  Which upset Hector again, becuase he wanted to lie there and chat to Colman and Kevin too!

Sigh.  I don’t know what to do for the best.  Mummy did though, she changed our run around into two halves with Hector and Humphrey in one and us in the other. That’s a shame really as I like Humph.  Dylan has been getting on his nerves though, and he’s feeling a bit under the weather, and Hector tries to bully him too.  Mummy told me that if it wasnt that she wouldnt know what to do with Hec she’d put me and Humph together and let Dyl and Doug have the cage to themselves now as they are so big.  They are, as well.  They weigh more than me now.  A lot of it is hair, though.

We aren’t getting out enough either.  I think we might get out today though.  The sun’s been out for a little while now.  I hope the grass is dry enough for us to go out.  I like going out on the grass.  As long as Hec and Dyl aren’t irritating everyone.


3 thoughts on “Dylan’s a scamp

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Maybe you should set up an editorial schedule for him, Vic. Give him dates for when posts should go up, and suggest topics. He’s an earnest boy but needs structure.

    What to do with his behavior in the run, though? And Hec’s as well? Sigh. You and Mummy will sort it out, I’m sure, but it’ll take some thought.

    You and Doug remind me so much of my Saku. Just sweet, easy-going boys who want to be left in peace to do whatever it is you do — nap, much, nap some more. 😉

    Good to hear from you, Vic. Love you. XOXOXO


  2. Victor

    Thank you Auntie Dawn. I think you’re right because I left him to it again since he seemed keen but he’s lapsed again. Mind you, it’s hard to be in a routine at the moment as Mummy keeps changing it. I think she’s trying to work out how we can best get along together. It was such fun when we had that party at the beginning of June. I wish we could all get along like we did then, all the time.


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