Humphrey at the dentist

Humphrey has been having trouble eating for the last few days, but Mummy noticed, of course.  Yesterday she gave him some nice mushed up pellets in our dish, and some thin carrot sticks.  I know the bowl was empty this morning, but Mummy isn’t sure who ate it all.  I don’t know why she suspects me.  I’m always innocent!

So he’s gone to the dentist this morning.  Mummy had lots of things happen this morning.  Two men came in and sounded like they were carrying heavy things around the house.  I know one of the sofas disappeared a couple of weeks ago, so maybe it’s come back.  Then Uncle Chris came round with two small people.  He usually only has one.  They came to say hello to us.  I think Mummy knew they were there, she was talking to the other men in the other rooms.  Then everyone went and Mummy got Humphrey out to put in his box and take to see Dr Faye.

Then she came home again and gave us our breakfast leaves.  I think the service is terrible here these days, I mean, how are we supposed to wait for breakfast leaves till 11 o’clock?  Mind you, they were exceptionally nice leaves today.  Lots of mint, and some corn leaves and salsify leaves and parsley and fennel leaves and those funny golfball thing leaves (Kohl rabi).  Did I mention that Humphrey stayed with Dr Faye to have his teeth done?  They are very busy today so Humphrey will wait till all the emergencies have been done.  I hope he comes home safe and sound.  I expect he will.  He’ll be happy with his teeth all nicely trimmed.

One thought on “Humphrey at the dentist

  1. Auntie Dawn

    You are innocent, sweet Victor. Anyone who says different has to deal with me! Let’s give Mummy a pass on this one, though. She’s had a lot on her mind. She was very proactive with Humph’s teeth, don’t you think?

    I heard from her that Humph is doing well. I’m so pleased. Tell him that I’m proud of him, ok? And of course I’m proud of you, V.



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