Hugo, Humphrey and Hector

What a lot of Hs we have.  Or did have.  I only knew Humphrey and Hector.

Hugo 090109

Hugo died not long after George.  But he was Victor’s friend and Victor was our Uncle piggy and looked after Dougall and me when we were tiny.  So Victor told us about him.  He was cheeky and wise and into everything.  Show him a bag and he was in it, checking out what had been in it before.  Show him some plastic and he’d chew it.  He even chewed a hole in a wire for Mummy’s phone and it would ring but Mummy couldn’t use it any more.  She has phones that don’t have wires now.  Well, not on the outside.


When Hugo first went into the rescue he looked huge, so he was nicknamed Huge Hugo.  After he’d been here some time he started having tummy trouble, and lost weight.  He looked like an ordinary piggy then. Although Mummy tried hard to make him better, he got sick and eventually died.  Mummy says we (me and Dougall) are much Huger than he ever was, though.  And it’s not just hair.  (flexes muscles)

Humphrey and Hector
Humphrey and Hector

Humphrey was in the rescue with Hector a few years later.  They had been found in a flat that had been empty for a month.  Just left to starve.  They were both still skinny after being in the rescue for a month.  Hector had been eating Humphrey’s hair.  Good thing Humphrey had long hair.  I liked Humphrey.  He  lived next door to me and we ran around with him and Uncle Victor when it was run time.  Humphrey was very patient with me, and didn’t mind me jumping on him at all.  Although he did get bored and wander off to find somewhere quiet for a snooze or a bite to eat when he could.


Hector started pushing Humphrey around and making him all upset, about the time when we were getting big enough to live on our own, and also when Colman and Kevin arrived.  Mummy moved people around so Victor and Humphrey lived together, and Hector lives in the cage opposite us on his own.  Well, he didn’t really get on with anyone.  Not even Mummy.  He used to bite her if her fingers were anywhere near his head.  She was very kind to him and now he knows he was silly and he cuddles up to Mummy especially when she gives him things to make him feel better.  He’s got bad teeth like George used to have.  Mummy thinks it was because of something called mal-new-trishon when he was young.  He was only about three months old when he was abandoned.  It must be horrid to be abandoned.  Mummy says he was just a juvenile delinquent who didn’t know any better.  Now he knows better, and he’s a very loving guinea pig.

Hector's mellow fruitfulness

He won a prize for this photo.  He does look sweet in it, doesn’t he?

Humphrey and Hugo are both in Mummy’s books.  Humphrey stars in The Talent Seekers and Hugo turns up in a lot of them, especially Traveler in Black and White.  Hugo turns up everywhere, like he always did!

So that’s my H post today – about Humphrey, Hector and Hugo.

Three Hs and Hec's birthday cake

Vic’s moved next door!

Uncle Victor has moved out and gone to live with Humphrey next door!  The two of them went for a bath together the other day and we went out in the garden on the grass.  Then later they came out and had a run on their own in the sunshine.  They smelled nice – we could smell them from the other side of the garden!  Then when Mummy put us back, we went in our cage and Vic went into Humphrey’s. Continue reading “Vic’s moved next door!”