Our trip to Mull (part 1)

Hello!  We’ve just come back from holiday on Mull.  We went last year too.

We stayed at our Auntie Gill’s in Cumbria on the way up At Auntie Gills

Then we went on up to Mull a couple of days later, although before that Mummy went with Gill to the top of England to see wildflowers and a waterfall. At Cauldron Snout

We arrived at the cottage ok after our long drive  and had some nice grass
At the cottage

and then we went to sleep as it’s very tiring driving all that way even if you do get a ride on the ferry too.

Next day mummy went out to do her first bird survey as the weather was quite good.

Bird survey 1
There are lots more nice pictures to post of this survey and the one she did the next day but maybe I’ll put them in a different post.

Mummy was very excited that there was a bird that kept going crake-crake around the cottage but it kept hiding in the long grass. Then on the third morning she woke early and saw it on the short grass in front of the cottage. First she couldnt believe it, then she got her binoculars to see it closer, then she got her camera to take a snap of it as it ran off through the gate!

Some days it was really nice and we could have breakfast on the terrace:
Fred with drink

..and some days it was dull and misty if not actually raining so we made do with fresh grass that mummy went out and collected for us (along with other things like fresh leaves from Glengorm Gardens she bought at a produce sale).
At Auntie Gill's

Mummy took long walks round the farm and down to the beach and looked at the birds including lots of wheatears and swallows and linnets and pied wagtail and snipe and eagles and ravens (but we hid from those last two ‘cos they might carry us off if we weren’t looking).  And there were baby birds around too including a young stonechat all on its own. The wheatears got very cross if you were too near their nest or their youngsters.
Wheatear on a post

I’m going to tell you all the rest of the trip in another post tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Our trip to Mull (part 1)

  1. Nixi

    Oh wow! It looks like you all had a lovely time. What are you drinking for breakfast, George? It looks like scotch to me!!


  2. ooo lovely pictures and looks like you all had a wonderfull time,I do like your terrence you look as if you are really enjoying yourself George are you at the strawberry juice there young man ;), best wishes to you all
    witchwoopiggy x


  3. Lady Snailspace

    It all looks absolutely awesome George! I can’t wait for your other photographs and stories 🙂 I’m so glad you’re all home safely xxxxx


  4. Dawn

    Are you sure that Mummy wasn’t JMW Turner in a past life? She certainly knows how to capture a landscape. Did she bring her pastels, by the way? I’d love to see any artwork that she did.

    Can we title that pic of Fred “Landscape with Cranberry Juice and Cavy”?

    “The top of England”? Ooh, that sounds important. Does it have an official name?

    I’m glad that she got to see a corncrake and other interesting birds. Yes, do stay away from the eagles and ravens, G.

    Looking forward to the next post.


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