Nice veg!

We had a lovely breakfast this morning. Mummy went out with her blue dish and brought us back:

  • lettuce
  • chard
  • carrot thinnings
  • salsify leaves
  • lavender
  • coriander

and a little bit of grass too. Fred and I were ecstatic – we couldn’t decide what to eat first, but Fred went for the lavender and I went for the salsify, although I was eating the coriander first and thought I’d better finish it in case Fred nipped in and stole it.  Mummy also put some cucumber and carrot in for us but we left that until we’d finished all the nice fresh veg 🙂

From what we heard (the slurping noises) Hugo and Victor dropped whatever they were eating and went straight for the cucumber when it arrived.  Silly boys – they ought to know by now that fresh veg is best!

When we finished we went out in the garden for nice grass and a good sleep in the warm sunshine.  It wasn’t as hot as the last few days, but very pleasant,  especially when you’re working hard eating grass for mummy.

One thought on “Nice veg!

  1. Dawn

    Aww, you guys are such a hard-working quartet. You deserve all that delicious veg. Still, I hope you thanked Mummy.

    V&H are a bit silly, but totally lovable. ❤


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