Our Trip to Mull (Part 2)

I said I’d tell you a bit more about what we got up to.

Mummy went to this place called Teesdale Head which is the top of England high up in the Pennines.  There were rare flowers there that only grow in alpine regions including a type of gentian which is a pretty blue flower.  This is Auntie Gill taking a photo of it 🙂
Taking flower pics

The next day we went to Mull and the next day mummy started her bird surveys, one up in the moors where she only saw meadow pipit, skylark and wheatear, and the next day at Ulva she saw loads of birds including a hen harrier which pleased her a lot.
Bird Survey 2

We mostly just enjoyed ourselves in the cottage or outside it in the sunshine.
At the cottage 2
Here we are outside the cottage by the wall.

Hugo goes for grass
This shows Hugo near the end of the week when he was feeling much better. Mummy started us off by having Hugo & Victor on the settee, and me and Fred in front of the fire on the floor because she said she can trust us not to jump out. But halfway through the week she swapped us round as we don’t like being down by mummy’s feet and anyway Hugo hadn’t been feeling like looking out of his cage much let alone climbing out, so she swapped us over:
In the cottage

We liked this arrangement much more.  Hugo did climb out on Saturday morning though, when mummy was clearing up – I don’t think he was ready to go home then, but mummy just picked him up and put him back.

When we were out in the garden there was some funny animals that came into the garden and started eating our grass. Mummy shooed them away:

She didn’t shoo the birds away though, there were swallows nesting under the eaves of the cottage and pied wagtails nesting in the bush beside us and wheatears nesting on the walls and linnets in the bush next to the next house and a wren somewhere and a snipe and a sedge warbler and also the corncrake that I think I told you about yesterday.

We liked being at the cottage a lot, especially on sunny days.
Hugo sunbathing again

Fred at Haunn

It was ever so pretty there
Cotton grass

But in the end we had to come home.

Sunset over Tiree

3 thoughts on “Our Trip to Mull (Part 2)

  1. Lady Snailspace

    Beautiful, George, as always. Mummy takes some amazing photographs, doesn’t she! And you tell the stories so well that I can feel I’m there with you all 🙂


  2. Dawn

    Those photos of Hugo had me oooing and aahing. He’s in fine form — his coat shiny, his nose boopable, and his eyes full of mischief. That’s the Hugo I always want to see. <3.

    Your brother is looking quite lordly as well. I can just hear him thinking, "Mmm, this is the life. Finally she gets it…. Who said anything about leaving, silly woman."

    Looks like you had some gorgeous skies. Thank Mummy for the pics, as always.

    What's up with those weird fuzzy creatures? I have a feeling that that they might have come in useful should the temperature have dipped. What say you, G?

    Thanks for the post, Cutiepig. XXXOOO


  3. Dawn

    By the way, G, tell Mummy that she absolutely must frame the “Landscape with Black-and-White Mischief-Maker” and hang it on the wall. The color, composition, and pose are just perfect!


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