We met Dr Sally last week!

Last Thursday morning we got loaded into the blue carry boxes. Then we were picked up and strapped in on the back seat of Mummy’s car.  I was in my nice snuggle sac. Oscar came in beside me.  We all set off which was funny, because I’ve been in a box in a car before, but I don’t remember much about it.  I was nervous, because something horrid has always happened before.  But I didn’t have Oscar with me before.  He said everything would be fine if I let him have my snuggle sac.  I wasn’t sure about this, so we had a slight argument about it, and we heard Mummy say something like ‘settle down, boys,’ so we did.  He was inside the snuggle sac and I wasn’t.

Me and my snuggle sac
Me and my snuggle sac

Anyway we got to the vet and waited to be seen.  I decided that we could both fit in the snuggle sac, and I think Mummy opened the box to look and find what we were up to.  But it got too hot, so I came out again.

Then we went into another room.  Mummy picked me up and held me for a bit.  She told Dr Sally she was in for a surprise, then put me on something that made them laugh.  Dr Sally said something about not believing he was that big.  I think they were talking about me.  I weigh 1.625 kg on Dr Sally’s machine.  Then she said hello and looked at me all over, in my ears, and in my mouth. Then she turned the light off and shone a light in my eyes.  She said I might have the start of a waterfall, but it shouldn’t be a problem.  Mummy asked about my feet and hips.  Dr Sally said if I used to be in a hutch (I was) I might not have had much chance to develop strong muscles.  I can develop better muscles by having more exercise, so Mummy says I need to do more running around.  That’s fine with me.

Then Oscar and Midge and Kevin got seen.  Midge is going on a diet, and I’m having my pellets cut down.  Midge weighed less than me though, but he looks rolypoly.  Oscar might have a funny foot but there’s nothing actually wrong with it.  Kevin is looking well for an old man.  Mummy told Dr Sally about the meds she gives him, and Dr Sally approved.  Mummy said it was about this age that Colman stopped going up the ramp in his run, but Kevin is doing fine with it.  I don’t know what it means, but Kevin is happy with his check-up.  He got more of his tasty special biscuits for his arthuritis.  Dr Sally recommended KY instead of Vaseline for his old man’s trouble.  I don’t know what that means, either, but when I get old I expect I’ll find out.  Kevin won’t tell me what it means.  He says it’s private.

So then we all came home and Mummy checked the grass and said it was too wet to go out yet.  We went out later instead.  Friday, I think it was.  And now it’s Monday again.  Did you see my #perceday picture on Faceybook?


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  1. Good news for all of you, Percy. Sounds like you do like your food a bit much, but I’m sure once you can get out and run around you’ll become even more sleek. Your Mum takes really, really good care of you – along with Dr. Sally – so I think you should feel very secure and safe…except maybe in your snuggle sac?


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