Happy new year from Ludo, Locksley and Biggles

Hello, Ludo here.

It’s been a very funny week.

It was rather longer than a normal week, in my opinion. We changed our beds more than twice. But we still had lots of hay. And hay boxes, which were our Christmas presents from Mummy.

I also got a new tunnel. I was very suspicious of it. It has pirate flags over the outside and it’s very green inside. But as Mummy took my old one away, and it hasn’t come back, I decided to go into it. I rather like it. It’s nice and warm, and it’s got a little more room in it, so I can turn around in it easily. I like that.

Locksley got a new snuggle sack. It has pirates on the outside too, but his is orange inside. Mummy sat him in it to give him the idea, but I haven’t seen him in it since. He spends most of his time in Neville’s tunnel or on Humphrey’s cushion. These people are legends of George’s Guinea Pig world. Well, I knew Neville a little, anyway.

Biggles’ other Christmas present was something called Metacam. He gets a little bit of it each night before bedtime. He looks as if he’s enjoying it. He was looking a bit peaky before Christmas and now he looks much better.

I was thinking of telling you about hay today, but that will have to wait for another time.

Have a nice week.

Ludo xxx

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