I don’t like the sounds outside

Hello, this is Ludo.

There are lots of rushing sounds outside. Sometimes it’s a great blasting sound. But not like a firework. These sound wild and dangerous. I hide in my tunnel and tell them to go away. Sometimes they do, but mostly they stay for hours before they give up.

Biggles doesn’t seem to hear them, or maybe he doesn’t care. He’s much deeper in the room than me, so maybe they aren’t so loud. Locksley hides in his tunnel, too, so I expect he feels threatened by them too.

Mummy says it the wind. She says it’s a storm and it will blow itself out. I suppose she means it will get tired eventually. But it’s been going on for days with only a few hours in between. She says to hide in my tunnel, too. I don’t know if she has a tunnel to hide in. Maybe that’s where she goes when she isn’t with us.

She’s been with us a lot the last two weeks, watching something called the Olympics. It seems to make her happy. That’s good, isn’t it?

The wind is back. I’m going back to my tunnel. Keep safe wherever you are.


5 thoughts on “I don’t like the sounds outside

  1. hilarymb

    Hi Ludo and family … you’ve a week to enjoy your Mam again – then there’s the Para-Olympics on later in the week! That storm was worse down here, more on the way, … but all well with me … take care and look after yourself and others. Cheers Hilary

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  2. I heard that some parts of England were being hit with a great storm with lots of wind, Ludo. I am glad you are safely inside with your mum. The wind does make a lot of noise, doesn’t it. We had high winds here the other night with thunderboomers.

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  3. Auntie Dawn

    I’m glad that Mummy has the Olympics to keep her mind off the storm.

    Now might be the time to ask for extra treats — to keep up your courage. 😉

    Love you all!

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  4. Victoria Zigler

    We’ve had lots of wind too, but not as bad as some places. I mostly ignore it. Sorry it’s upsetting you and Locksley so much. Hope it’s calmed down now.

    Squeak soon,

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