M is for Mummy #AtoZChallenge 2022

Hello. We’re all here today, because we all wanted to say why Mummy is our Favourite Thing. That’s what we’re doing for the A to Z Challenge this year. And we’re guinea pigs, in case you’re a new visitor. Welcome!

(Gosh, that’s very polite, Ludo)

(You have to be polite on the interwebs thingy, Locksley. Watch and learn.)

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Mummy looks after us, tends to all our needs, and makes sure we are happy and well from when we arrive to when we go over the Rainbow Bridge.

And after, since she scattered Roscoe’s and Neville’s ashes among the flowers after they’d gone.

But mostly, she gives us great cuddles and lovely food.

And watches over us when we’re out on the grass in the garden.

I love being out on the grass.

So do I.

She sometimes gives Biggles a bath.

And medicine every day.

Twice a day.

And she weighs us every week, and makes sure all our bits are in good working order.

And gives us treats in the evenings.

And hay through the day.

And cuddles us whenever we look like we need it.

And takes us on holiday sometimes. You can read all about holidays on the ‘Tales from Norfolk‘ section above. And moving to Hampshire.

We’re going on holiday in May. There’s going to be nice grass. Mummy said.

And we went on holiday in October, I’d forgotten that. But we didn’t have grass time there, it was too cold and wet.

But the floor was nice.

It was.

Nearly everything Mummy does is nice. Except take us to the vet.

I thought the vets were nice.

Yes, they were. But then, we were only having check-ups. Biggles has already written the V for Vets entry, because we don’t know enough about them.


So I hope you got a good impression from us of why Mummy is our Favourite Thing.

Do you have a Mummy? What’s your favourite thing about her?



and Locksley

Biggles here. I just wanted to send nice thoughts to Auntie Tori, because Mollie the chinchilla went over the Rainbow Bridge on Monday. We learned all about Mollie when my brother Bertie interviewed Joshua the degu for the A2Z challenge ages ago. After Joshua went over the bridge, Mollie has been a real friend to us. We’ll miss her. Sending love and cuddles to Auntie Tori, and also little dog Lilie and the tortoise.

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  1. Victoria Zigler

    I’m glad you have a Mummy who takes such great care of you. I do too, but some aren’t so lucky.

    Thanks for that bit at the end about Mollie. Mummy and I thought that was really nice of you. We miss her lots.


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