I for Indoors #AtoZChallenge


Hi, Kevin here.  We’re into the second week of the A to Z Challenge, and in case you’re just visiting, I’m a six year old ginger and white guinea pig.  This blog was started by Fred and George, Mummy’s very first guinea pigs.  She writes books about them too.

Our A to Z Challenge theme is “Our Favourite Things”

iI is for Indoors

We are indoor guinea pigs.  We have cages and runs in the house, and Mummy lets us run around in the kitchen every day.  Sometimes we get a special treat and run around in the living room on a special blanket.  That’s usually for special events like winter birthday parties.  Summer birthday parties are usually in the garden.

Here are some pictures of us indoors.

If you go to our Youtube Playlist you’ll find lots of moving pictures of us running around indoors.  Mummy’s found this one of me and Colman running around on the floor, about six months after we came here. The floor does get swept after we’ve all finished!  I’d forgotten about this.  It’s four years ago already.

6 thoughts on “I for Indoors #AtoZChallenge

    1. Mummy says we take as much time as she wants to spend on us, and that there’s no point spending time of housekeeping, although sometimes she gets the noisy thing out and makes the rooms clean. Usually when someones’s coming to see us.
      I think she enjoys our birthday parties as much as we do.


    1. Well, our cakes are usually made from mushed pellets with added herbs like thyme or oregano, which is why they’re so yummy. She made me a sort of birthday cake (a get-well cake) this week, and it definitely helped.


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