Atticus begins with A and he’s the first guinea pig in my A to Z Challenge this April.  I’m Dylan, and you’ll find me under the letter D when we get to it.

Atticus lives in New York City with Auntie Dawn.  I’ve met Auntie Dawn but I haven’t met Atticus, except by thought transfer.  I’m not very good at thought transfer and I don’t know if he is, either.

Dawn's little dude

This is Atticus as a bitty baby, when he first came to live with Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne and Peepers and Tweek and Willoughby.  That was after Saku died.  You’ll meet Willoughby and Saku later.  Not Peepers and Tweek, they are conures which is a type of parrot.

Atticus is a smooth-haired pale Himalayan type of guinea pig.  You’ll see what a Himi (that’s short for Himalayan) should look like when we get to L for Lupin-Buckmore.  They don’t come from Himalaya, it’s just the colour name.

He’s pretty cool, for a pale thing. He has his own meme on Facebook #Satticus . That’s short for Atticus Saturdays.  There’s always a great photo of him in his cage or on BW or Dawns’ lap doing something good and saying “hi, look at me!”.  He’s got lots of fans too.

He’s not in any of Mummy’s stories yet.  I asked her and she said he will be, but probably not till right at the end.  She said that about me, though, and I’ve got a short story all of my own, now.  Well, my brother’s in it too – and George.

In case you’re wondering, George started this blog and everything else about George’s Guinea Pig World.  I’ll tell you about the legendary George when it’s time for G.

19 thoughts on “Atticus

  1. Hi, Dylan.
    Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of Atticus.
    I’ve never had a close look at guinea pigs. They look cute in your photos.


  2. Auntie Dawn

    That’s my angel Atticus! Thank you for this entry, Dyl. Can you believe he was ever this small? He was so scared then. He used to hide everywhere: in his igloo, down my sleeve. Now he just loafs everywhere.

    Looking forward to the next 25 entries. Great start!



    1. Yes, he’s not bad for a little ‘un. Gwen’s a nice name. Was that a lady pig? I haven’t met a ladypig since I left my birth mother. We’re all boars here 🙂

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    1. Those are nice names. We used to know a Willow too, but he died. Maybe we ought to find out more about Zuna as I havent written the Z post yet. Although Mummy says we do have a name for Z.


  3. Hey Dylan! I really like Atticus. Not only is it my favorite name (after Atticus from To Kill A Mockingbird) but I love his coloring. I’m looking forward to getting to know your cavie friends!
    Auntie Goose 🙂


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