Colman is my best mate, so I thought I’d better tell you about him.  I’m Kevin.  I run our Facebook page and Mummy said I should help Dylan out on this A to Z Thing.

Colman and I come from Jersey, which is an island between England and France.  Colman’s older than me; he’s six now, going on seven.  That’s really old, but he doesn’t look it most of the time.  Just if you get him in a bad light or if he’s feeling his arthritis a bit.

Colman in his snowman bed

We had to find a new home because our Jersey Mummy couldn’t keep us any more, and we had a long journey by sea and road to her mummy’s house, then our new Mummy took us away from her.  Colman hated that.  He was really angry at Mummy for ages.  It wasn’t until Christmas that he stopped biting her.  Then in February he had a special afternoon having his picture taken, and he won a prize for it, and he’s been in love with Mummy ever since.

Be mine1

I think Mummy must have written the story of the Talent Seekers before that, or she would never have made him the baddie.  But he’s there, and he’s a baddie, and she’s writing some more about that next month, so I’m not allowed to tell you any more.

Colman’s an agouti pig, which is the colour of his hair, really.  It’s very distinguished.  He has a funny way with his hair, which sort of meets in a peak along his back.  We live in a big run in Mummy’s office.  We like our own space, though we still share things for a short time.  Every one needs a bit of their own space sometimes, don’t you think?

Dylan’s back tomorrow.  I warn you, he’ll be insufferable, because it’s the letter D.

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  1. Hello everyone in the hutch. Geoff here in South Africa. I had a couple of visitors the other day at my work place, two little guinea pigs. My niece had them for the weekend to look after. They were very friendly, especially after I gave them some fresh lettuce. Very soft and cuddly. It got me wondering where the name Guinea pig comes from. I know that a guinea is what people in England used to call some coin or other, do you know?
    Happy Easter and good luck with the challenge.


    1. Mummy knows all sorts of things about the reason for being guinea pigs, so I’d better let her tell you. Thank you for visiting, Mr Geoff.


    2. Hey, I’ve just realised! You’re the Geoff that Victor put in his links down at the bottom of the page! Cool! I’m so glad to meet you 😀


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Sometimes the baddies in a story are the most fun, and we know that he’s not a baddie in real life anyway. Col has been through a lot, but he has persevered.

    I agree — sometimes you need your own space.

    Dylan. Sigh. I think of him as I think of the late, great Mariusz: 10 pounds of attitude in a 3-pound pig. He’s a good boy at heart, though.


  3. I sure am glad that Colman won a prize for that photo or things might have on and on with his being angry at mummy and all. Thank you for taking such good care of things, and for running such a fine Facebook page. You’re the greatest. Have fun with the A-Z Challenge! I’m doing it too and my theme is … Animals! 🙂


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