Neville’s News

Way-aye, Neville here.

I stepped in because neither Roscoe nor Biggles want to write today. They’re feeling tired and distressed. That’s what they say in the newspapers, you know.

Trouble is Locksley, as usual. You know he’s fallen out with everyone, like?

Well, I put up with him most of the time, so he thinks I’m his best friend, and he doesn’t like it when Roscoe or Biggles want a look-in. And he’s got very aggressive. He’s quite a little fighter. Teeth and nails, he’s pulled half Biggles’ coat off his back. And a new patch off his side yesterday.

And Roscoe, he had a little black spot on his nose the other day, and Mam said it was a tick, and she couldn’t get it off, so it would have to wait till it was ready. And next day it had gone, and Roscoe had a big red mark where it had been. I reckon that scratch on his nose is something to do with it, as Locksley had a go at him, too.

Mam’s put honey cream on Roscoe’s nose. He hates being fussed, but he says it is helping it be less sore. Biggles hasnt got any sores, but his coat is all patchy.

Locksley was in the doghouse before. I wonder where Mam’s going to put him next?

Other than that we’re all well, and Ludo has twice stayed out in the open in his cage when Mam went to see him. Wow! He’s still not talking to the likes of us.

Here’s some nice pictures of us out in our run. We have to move it to get fresh grass. The wind is right cold, though.


Nev xxxxx

2 thoughts on “Neville’s News

  1. Oh, Nevile, I am so sorry to hear about all your troubles with Locksley. Maybe he will need to be separated, too? You can’t go around losing part of your skin – infection is always a worry. I wonder if it’s hormones?
    All of you boys take care!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    Hi Neville,
    Great to hear from you, but sorry you come with news of fighting and injuries. I hope Locksley soon learns not to be such a handful, and stops being so quick to use his teeth and nails.
    Great news about Ludo being so eager to be friends with your Mummy though, even if he still doesn’t want to know any of you guys.
    Squeak soon,

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