Victor and Pippin have fallen out

Hello, Locksley here.

I know we don’t usually post on Saturday, but we’re going away on Monday morning, and so we can’t post then. And we have had quite a week, I can tell you!

I’m not sure what day it was. Must have been Tuesday. Mummy asked me to swap runs with them so she could watch them more easily. She knew they were having chases, and didn’t know what sort of chases they were. Whether they were friendly, or getting a bit, well angry. I tried to tell her it didn’t look friendly to me, but I don’t think she understood me.

Anyway, she’d put me back in the far run, and prepared my one for them, and they were out on the floor as usual at run time, and suddenly they had this big fight. Pippin really went for Victor, no holds barred. Mummy stepped in with a tent to get in between them, and got Victor away in it, into the run that had been mine, and he was chittering and all of a fluster. I think Pippin ran into one of the hidey holes.

She checked them both over (I think Victor got confused and tried to bite her when she came to pick him up, because she’s been wearing a fabric thing on the inside of her thumb ever since). Victor had a big bite on his side. Pippin didn’t seem to have a scratch.

So that day we were all a bit quiet. Later on Mummy put us out in the garden, and checked out whether the pair of them had calmed down and changed their minds. But this time when they fought, Victor gave Pippin a good bite on his shoulder, but Pippin got him back in a couple of places.

So Mummy said ‘that’s that then,’ and put Victor in the run I usually have, and put me in my tent in with Ludo. Well, I sat underneath my tent as usual, and Ludo sat underneath his tent as usual, and it wasn’t until it was nearly time to go in that he came and sat in my tent, and I was underneath it. Mummy shooed him out and put me in to take me back. She tried letting us run together on Wednesday, too, but we don’t want to do that, thank you, so on Thursday she made another run so we could all have our own spaces.

Pippin has been living in the blue cage that we have for holidays. It’s in the middle of the floor. It really gets in the way, and Mummy keeps knocking her legs on it. She keeps asking me if I could live with Victor in a 5 panel run. I don’t think that would work, Mummy. But she hasn’t got much room to make another run in the room.

And Mummy’s planning to take us on holiday tomorrow, with only three carry boxes to put us in, and two cages and a run for the cottage. No wonder she’s hoping that I might get along with one of the others so we can squeeze in together. She’s been out looking for another carry box, but the ones we have don’t seem to be sold any more. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But we’re not going far, so I can sit on her lap if she wants me to. She hasn’t cancelled the holiday though.

I wonder if this is their reaction to the builder noises? Mummy says it’s Pippin’s hormones, but who knows? They’re having the calming powder I got from the vet too, now.

We’ll update you on Tuesday. Hopefully with pictures of us in the cottage.




4 thoughts on “Victor and Pippin have fallen out

  1. Carol Gilbert and Bear

    Oh my, must be the change in the seasons. What a bad time to have this commotion! Poor mommy! You tell those boys to calm down and get along!🥰❤️

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  2. Oh, dear, some hurtful fights on top of the noise. I wonder if the noise hasn’t put all of you on edge, and combined with hormones, has done a number on Pippin. Here’s hoping some time away will calm everyone’s nerves.

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  3. Victoria Zigler

    Oh dear. I hope it’s just the stress from the noise and everyone gets on once you’re somewhere more quiet. I also hope your Mummy managed to find another of the right kind of carry boxes before you had to leave for your holiday.


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