J is for Just for Boars #A2ZChallenge22

Hello, Biggles here again.

Today is our J day, and my pals here couldn’t think of anything they liked that begins with J. We’re doing the A to Z Challenge and we’re now on day 10, because it doesn’t run on Sundays.

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I have two things that I like beginning with J.

Joint Support tablets

These are very tasty although a bit hard to bite. But they make me feel a lot better all over. I have one every day at 6 pm unless I’m being fussy, in which case Mummy just leaves one in my bowl and I can decide whether to eat or not later. I usually finish it before breakfast.

Just for Boars

I was surprised to find that Ludo and Locksley didn’t know about Just for Boars. It turns out they haven’t had a bath. Or at least, Locksley has never had a bath, and Ludo may have had a bath when he was first rescued, but says the whole experience was so terrible he’s blocked it from his mind.

Come to think of it, I had more baths than Roscoe and Neville. I think Mummy gave me more baths because I had very itchy skin. I had a special skin shampoo from Gorgeous Guineas.

I had a bath last month. Mummy thought it might help my tummy. That may sound odd, but I was having a bit of trouble, and the warmth helped things pop out, if you know what I mean. It made me feel better, anyway.

This time I had the nice shampoo all the others had, which is ‘Just for Boars’. It comes from Gorgeous Guineas too. You can just see the little bottle in the top left of the picture of me in the little bath. Mummy buys the trial sizes because we don’t use them very often.

We used to have a much larger bath at our old home. The blue cloth is covering the plug, which was uncomfortable to stand on. Mummy thinks of everything.

The cuddles wrapped in a nice warm towel afterwards are my favourite bit.

What sort of shampoo do you use? Do you bath often?



11 thoughts on “J is for Just for Boars #A2ZChallenge22

  1. Ronel Janse van Vuuren

    I use a special shampoo for the dogs and horses — the one for the dogs has tea tree oil in it and the one for the horses has some stuff I can’t remember how to spell, but it makes them all shiny while keeping their skin healthy. Skin health is very important!

    I’m glad you enjoy your baths. I have a photo on Instagram when Stiles had his first bath: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLtJSd4gc66/
    He’s a lot bigger now!

    Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge My Languishing TBR: J


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Your mummy got us a big bottle of Just for Boars the last time we visited. That was really nice of her! We’re still working our way through it. I gave Augustus a bath a few days ago.

    I take joint support formula, too. Humans can get creaky in the joints. It’s tough being human sometimes.

    Love you, BigGuy!

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  3. Victoria Zigler

    I go in my water pool at least once a day, and maybe about once a week Mummy puts me in a bath for me to have a nice little soak in some water. But I don’t use shampoo. Maybe because I don’t have fur? Mummy uses shampoo, and I know the dogs get shampoo when they get a bath (which one depends on whether Mummy is bathing them or the groomer is).


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