Ludo is lumpless

Hello Ludo here again.

Yes, well, I went to the vet this week. I went and had a nice sleep then I woke up and my teeth were feeling good and my nipple was feeling sore so I had a look next to my nipple and I haven’t got a lump anymore.

It was only a little lump, about the size of a pea. It was a bit sore at first but Mummy gave me some medicine so I’m all right. My teeth are interesting because they were much straighter than they had been, but Dr Rebekah said they were a bit strange at the back. She found I was very sore at the front molar (I think that’s what they call it) so Mummy’s watching that and if it’s still a problem when Dr Rebekah comes back from holiday I might have to go back again.

Apart from that everything is quite normal. Locksley is okay, sleeping a lot. Victor is normal, he is climbing up the bars so that Mummy scratches his head, and Pippin is normal for Pippin.

Oh, I forgot to tell you I had a bath. That was the morning before I went to the vet. Mummy put me in the little bath and the water was nice and warm and it flowed right over me and then Mummy put some cream on me and it went all bubbly. I made it bubble a bit more and she laughed at me I don’t know why. Then she took me out of the bath, and wrapped me in lots and lots of towels. They got wet very quickly so she gave me another dry one until I stayed with a dry one and then we sat and had my cuddle as usual and I had my cucumber.

And apart from mummy going out on two mornings without giving us breakfast (well she gave us breakfast to eat while she was out but not a breakfast cuddle and that’s important). Apart from that everything was normal.

But I’m lumpless, and clean, and I like it.

Ludo xx


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