Y is for Yawning #A2ZChallenge22

Hello. I’m Locksley, and I’m here again to tell you about one of my favourite things – yawning.

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It’s the most delicious feeling. You stretch out, open your mouth wide, and yawn like mad to strain every muscle in your body. Then you relax, and it feels good.

I have a favourite yawn when I’ve finished my cucumber in the morning. I’m usually lying along Mummy’s arm, so I sort of stretch up it a bit more, push my front feet out on her arm, and the back ones out on the red towel, and yawn like anything. Mummy smiles at me and tells me I look cute when I do that. Well, I am cute, so that makes sense.

It’s a sort of signal to Mummy that I’m done with my cuddle. So she sits me along her arm and I push my head down into the nice safe gap made by her elbow. Then she stands up, holding me tight. I feel very safe that way.

Mummy does more yawning in the evening. She usually says that she’s tired when she finishes. Funny, it’s the other way round for me. I yawn in the morning and feel more energised from it.

Mummy has never managed to get a picture of me yawning. I don’t think she’s got one of any of us, although there is an image of one of Auntie Dawn’s piggies.

This is Atticus yawning

So that’s our Y. Tomorrow will be Z. And that will be the end of the A2Z Challenge. Make sure you come back tomorrow to say goodbye to all of us. Although we’ll be posting every Monday again, starting next week.

Do you enjoy yawning? Morning or evening?


Locksley xxx

4 thoughts on “Y is for Yawning #A2ZChallenge22

  1. Hello, Locksley! I usually yawn at night when I am tired although the picture of Atticus made me yawn! Garfield almost always yawns when I pet him, then he gets down and does a yoga pose I call the downward-facing cat!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    I yawn sometimes. It helps me get lots of air in my lungs so I can get energized for my next exploration adventure. Or maybe so I have the energy to dig in for my next nap. Whatever.


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  3. Auntie Dawn

    Oh, Atticus was a prolific yawner. If I wanted to get a yawn pic, all I had to do was wait, and not for very long. I’ve got many good shots like the one above. I’m glad Mummy shared it.

    I’ve never managed to capture any other pig yawning.

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