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I don’t think x-rays are really a favourite thing, but they’re jolly clever.

Dr Rebekah has x-rayed me twice to find out what’s going on with my insides when I’m not well. The first time she found out I have congestive heart disease because my chest was all cloudy and my heart was enlarged. Mummy says she didn’t see that x-ray but she did see the second one, which showed I’ve developed little stones called gravel in my bladder, which is why weeing sometimes hurt.

This is an x-ray of Neville.

X-ray of Neville from about June 2021.

Hair doesnt show up on x-rays, so you can’t really tell it’s Neville. He was very hairy. What does it show ?

  • Neville has trouble with his teeth roots. Some of the top ones are growing up towards his sinuses. I have one that is growing down to a point on my lower jaw, about the same point where’s Neville has a pointy bit. That’s why I have metacam, to keep it from hurting me.
  • Neville is growing some bladder stones. You can just see some little round things up near the join of his legs to his backbone.
  • Neville’s poops are normal. You can more or less see them going along his passages inside, up and down and round and round. Dr Rebekah says that most of our belly is poops-in-progress.

If you are a doctor or a radiologist (a professional x-ray taker and reader) you can probably see much more than we can.

X-rays were discovered by a scientist called Wilhelm Röntgen. He called them X because he didn’t know what the rays were. Mummy wrote about this for the A to Z one year. Actually it was a guest post from Auntie Vidya. But she didn’t have a really good x-ray to show you.

I think that’s EXhausted my knowledge of x-rays!

Have you had an x-ray? What did it tell you?


Biggles xxx

4 thoughts on “X is for X-ray #A2ZChallenge22

  1. I’ve had many over the years, Biggles. They are very informative and I taught imaging (X-rays, ultrasound, and MRI) to medical students for many years. I think imaging has made our lives much better in terms of diagnosing problems and finding cures, don’t you think?

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    I’ve never had one. Mummy says she’s had several though. One of them showed her she’d managed to break her middle finger when she shut her hand in a car door. I remember her doing it… She had a funny thing on her hand that was bright and colourful. I tried to see if it tasted good, and decided very quickly it definitely didn’t, so never tried to taste it again. Mollie kept trying to steal it though, and the Lilie dog kept trying to give it kisses.


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  3. I have had a few x-rays. Last time the doctor found I had broken my right elbow. My pup, Misty Blue has had x-rays as well. She had a bad tooth that had to be pulled…ouch! X-rays really help figure out what is wrong so that we can be fixed.

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  4. Ronel Janse van Vuuren

    I had x-rays a very long time ago and it told the doctor that I have asthma. When I think of x-rays, I usually think of how it’s used to diagnose terrible disease in my dogs: usually cancer and for Tony, it was DCM — the type of heart disease that couldn’t be treated because the treatment interfered with his Addison’s Disease treatment. I’m glad you can be treated for yours 🙂

    Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge My Languishing TBR: X

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