It’s George’s Day tomorrow


Apparently on May 17th each year it’s George’s day.  I don’t know George.  There’s a picture of him on the wall opposite my cage.  He looks very nice.  There are lots of pictures of him around a big picture of him.  This is the picture on the wall. (It may look fuzzy – the one on the wall isn’t fuzzy).

George montage

I asked Oscar if he knew anything about him,  He didn’t.

I asked Midge if he knew anything about him.  He didn’t.

I asked Kevin if he knew anything about him.  He said he’d never met him, but Victor had told Dylan and Dougall about him.  Colman had heard about him and Fred from the partying they used to do down the tunnels.  I didn’t know what he meant, and Kevin said he didn’t either.  I’ve never met Victor or Colman.

So it seems that the legendary George went over the Rainbow Bridge on the 17th May five years ago, and his legendary brother Fred went to join him six months later, and nobody here ever met them.  That’s sad.  He looks nice.  I think I’d have liked him.

Kevin has just pointed out there are lots of posts by him on here.  And you can read his life story, and also his original introduction to this website.

Mummy met him of course. She wrote his life story and also lots of books about him and Fred. He was six weeks old when she first met him, and nearly four years old when he went over the Rainbow Bridge, after he had a lot of trouble with his teeth.  That’s why she checks our teeth every week.  Mummy asked me if the ginger hairs on my neck were getting larger.  I said I didn’t know, but maybe I’m acquiring George’s ginger hairs from living in his and Fred’s cage.  I don’t mind that.

Happy George’s Day!

5 thoughts on “It’s George’s Day tomorrow

  1. Auntie Dawn

    You would have liked him, P. It was impossible not to love George. He was sweet, modest, intelligent, resourceful, and cute as a button. I never got to meet him in person/pig, but I learned all about him through the Rodents with Attitude forum and Mummy’s stories. I did meet Fred, who was in many ways similar to George and who told me all about him.

    I think about him all the time. I’m sure he’s having a great time with Fred and all of our departed pigs.

    Miss you, G. XXXOOO

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