Cuddles and stuff

We’ve just had a lovely evening with mummy being cuddled and watching scarey movies on the box in the corner.  I dont really like scarey movies but Mummy hid my eyes from the scariest bits, and the music was nice.  It was all about animals at the north pole, or the south pole and how they got through the summer.  The scariest ones were the snowy owls because they ate lemmings which looked small and furry and very much like us!

Auntie Dawn is home now and has posted her photos on Photobucket.  I wonder if I should ask her if I can post the best ones here or whether I should just go ahead?  I know:

“Please may I post some of your photos here, Auntie Dawn?”

Like these ones…

4 thoughts on “Cuddles and stuff

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Smooth, F, smooth. Post the pics and then ask for permission. Lol.

    Seriously, you never have to ask. What’s mine is yours, Muffin. But there’s a catch: when I come visit, you have to put up with all the smooches, boops, raspberries, tickles, etc.


    Your post is a bit one-sided, though, F. Perhaps you’d like to post some pics of Vic, Hec, & Humph??



    1. Fred

      Well, I thought I did put up with most of them Auntie Dawn, it’s just that some of them are a little, um, unexpected, you know. I’m always ready to put up with more of them from you though ❤

      I dont want to get the others into trouble, that's why I only posted ones of me. Honest 😉


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Unexpected? Why, yes. That’s just how I roll. >:)

    You did, F. You did. You were the perfect gentleman.

    None of you boys could ever be in trouble with me. I just love you all to pieces.



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