Bertie in tthe tunnel

The sun has stopped shining on me

It's sunny today.  Yesterday was dull and wet and windy.  Mummy still went out in her golfing uniform.  I think she has a special coat for golfing in rain. I have noticed that the sun has stopped shining on the end of my cage.  This is very puzzling. When I was upstairs, the sun didn't …

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Equal night and day time

After Auntie Dawn hinted to look up Galileo after my Think Piece on The Moon, I began to understand something else I had been considering, namely why the night is the same length as the day twice a year.  Coincidentally, my piece last week about The Moon was at the autumn version of this "Equinox" …

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New Philosophy page

Mummy has made me a whole new page and a post category for my Thinking.  You know I'm the Philosopher, that's my nickname.  Well, because Auntie Dawn suggested it, I'm going to write about some of my Thinkings from time to time.  I hope you enjoy it. The new page is under "Chez George".